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Helped Each Other

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When I was 17 my kid sister, three years my junior, had turned into a bit of a brat. She would constantly want her own way and mum and dad began to despair of her. The week of her 14th birthday she insisted on having a slumber party on the Saturday night and my parents finally relented after much tantrums from sis. A couple of weeks before-hand, I had a motorcyle accident and had broken my wrist. The evening of her slumber party, sis took great delight in telling her friends I couldn't jerk off. I slunk away to my room as her friends all giggled, knowing I wasn't going to win that arguement.

My sister and her friends retired to her room and most of my evening was spent trying to ignore the noise thay were making. By 1am it was quiet so I decided to read for a short while before trying to get some sleep. After about 20 minutes or so I heard a soft tap on the door and it opened slightly. It was Kelly, one of my sisters friends. She said all the others had fallen asleep but she was still wide awake and could she come in for a chat. Kelly was a petite blonde girl who wasn't unattractive. She had a long white t-shirt on and sat herself down on the side of my bed. I'd never really noticed before but thought she had a great pair of legs, nicely tanned and very shapely. She asked how I'd broken my wrist and I told her about the accident and my time spent at the hospital. It was then she asked if what my sister said was true. I said I didn't know what she was talking about, but really I knew. She said about my not being able to jerk off. By now my cock had spring to life as I lay on my bed in just my shorts. The talk of jerking off and her fantastic legs had awoken my hormones.

Kelly shifted closer to me and lifted one knee onto the bed. I could now see up her t-shirt as her legs parted and her tight white panties came into view. My cock was slowly unfurling in my shorts and Kelly could obviously see the tent forming. She asked if I wanted her to help me jerk off. I was a little taken aback by her forwardness, but thought I would play along. Without any hesitation Kelly lifted the waistband of my shorts up and slid them down as I raised my hips to help her. My cock was now at full attention and her eyes opened wide as my seven inch cock was out on display. She grabbed my cock and began to roughly jerk it up and down. She had obviously little or no experience in jerking a cock before and I told her to slow down a little. I checked out her panties and they were pulled tight up against her pussy, her lips forming a crease in the thin material. After a while she said her arm ached so I told her to sit on my thighs and it would be easier that way. As she lifted her t-shirt clear and climbed over my legs I could see a distinct damp spot at the front of her panties.

I was beginning to enjoy this now as I had an unobscured view of her panty clad pussy. Her little titties were bouncing beneath her t-shirt and her nipples were now like little bullets through the cotton. She stared intently at my cock as she jerked and asked if I was going to cum soon. I said not yet, I need more stimulation. I told her to shift forward slighty until her pantied pussy was rubbing against the base of my cock. She instinctively began to grind herself against me whilst stroking the top half of my cock. I asked her if she was okay as she began to flush a little. I'm fine she replied as she continued stroking my cock and grinding herself against it. I snuck my good hand up to her titties and began lightly pinching her hard nipples through the cotton material. Kelly dropped her head back and sighed, she was enjoying this as much as I was.

By now she was just gripping my cock and forcing herself against it as she rubbed her pussy up and down it. Her panties were quite damp now and I could make out her pussy lips through the wet material. I carried on gently pinching her nipples as she began panting a little harder. I knew it wouldn't be long before I would cum and told Kelly so. She just gripped my cock harder and began thrashing up and down against it. I'm gonna cum I told her as I shot several ropes of cum up my chest, some landing on the pillow beside my head. Kelly squeezed her legs together either side of my hips at the same time as I guessed she'd orgasmed too. Her breath came in short pants as she looked down at me with a wicked grin on her face. You weren't the only one who was going to enjoy this, she said to me.



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