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Help From Sister

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Help From Sister
This experience is real. It really happened. I was pretty young, i was in high school. My sister Jennifer was a few years older, and was pretty. She had a great body, in other words, she had great tits, and a nice ass and sexy legs and she made me incredibly hard. I would constantly jack off thinking of her. I remember countless times taking her panties and jacking off with them and cumming into them. When i was home alone i would jack off in her bed, and other things i won't even mention.
My family is fairly religious and has standards involving sex and stuff. I wondered if my sister masturbated, because she always was aa 'good girl.' I had come to think she didnt when one night i finally found what i was looking for. A vibrating dildo, hidden secret under her bed. I could see dried juices from past use, it looked well used. I licked the tip of it, when i heard my sister walking up the stairs from below. She had a guy over but he had left i saw as i saw him pulling away. My hands were covered in cum, i had jacked off right then and there, I wiped it all over her dildo, making a thick, solid but fairly invisible coat. I hid it quickly and ran out of her room and hid. She went in and locked the door. I waited, and waited, and then i put my ear to her door.
I heard what i was listening for, a vibrating buzz. I then heard her moaning, slow, erotic moans that made me want to shoot cum right there. Her moans slowly became quicker, but louder. Soon she was gasping for air and obviously shaking, because i heard her head-board on the bed banging the wall, and the squeeks of the bed shaking as i had heard before when i used the bed. Soon, she let out one loud long cry and then was silence.
A few days later I was playing football and was injured bad. My leg was broken and my right arm, and my left wrist was sprained. I had to lie in bed for days. I couldnt get up. One day my sister walks in, and tells me she has to 'clean me' by means of a sponge bath. I didnt want it, but she made me. She took all of my clothes off, to find my dick pointing straight up like a rock. I saw her look at it. Her eyes constantly looked at it i noticed and she blushed as well as i did. She came near it a few times, but she finished.
When i was alone i tried to jack off. It was a pathetic sight, i couldnt move my arms, and i tried to massage it through my pants.
The next day i was trying to jack off without the use of my hands, and my sister walked in. It was obvious what was going on. She kinda stopped and looked. But she came over and undressed me. Midway through the sponge bath she blunted the obvious question. "Do you want me to just do that for you??"
I didnt answer quickly, but motioned with my head towards my swollen dick, "that?" She said yes. I nodded my head. She put some lotion on her hands and jacked me off. It was heaven. It felt great. She was watching my dick closely, and we made deep eye contact a few times. I noticed her nipples began to become erect, and i saw her other hand massaage her clit through her shorts. Suddenly i shot my load, it shot high, the first stream i remember hit her mouth, the next her forehead and her, the next few hit her face again, her neck, and one landed on her breasts. suddenly she layed on my bed, and started to kiss me. She rubbed her ass against my dick. She just layed on me for like an hour, kissing me and jacking me off and stuff. For like the next month every day she would do this. Eventually i was well and could move about. Thats when the real fun started, but thats another story.



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