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Help from my English teacher...

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This is a true story about my English teacher. Sorry it's a long one!!


To start with I'll give you some context, I'm an A level student and I'm taking English lit and language both of which are taught by Mrs. Stone (not her real name) who is arguably the best looking teacher at school. She has long blonde hair, big tits, a great ass and legs to die for (I have a thing for legs) and overall is amazingly fit. I myself am tall, about 6ft one with a slim build and a 6 pack from the parkour I do (it's similar to freerunning). I have browny ginger hair, dark green eyes and I'm fairly muscular. This happened just after the Easter holiday which I had spent with just family and therefore I hadn't masturbated in a long time. I had also recently broken up with my girlfriend and was feeling quite lonely. Right now for what happened...

As I said I hadn't masturbated in a while and was feeling extremely horny so when I went back to school to Mrs. Stones lessons it was hard not to get turned on by her but I made it until the end of the day and I was about to hurry off home to take care of myself when she called my name asking me to stay behind. I was a little confused but stayed behind until everyone had left and she asked me "how are you finding the English courses Doug?"

"great" I replied, a bit confused about what was going on.

"I think you may need a little extra help, not because you're doing badly but just to make sure that you definitely get your predicted grade. So either I could come to your house or you to mine if you want the help?"

"Oh yeah I'll go to your house if that's ok, mines a bit hectic at the moment"

So we agreed to meet at her house at seven o'clock and I was extremely excited to be going to this gorgeous woman's house!

I arrived at 7 o'clock in my smartest clothes with I admit a touch of cologne. I rang the bell and and she opened the door in a lovely dark blue dress which really showed off her cleavage! She let me in and offered me some wine for while we work, which I gladly accepted. We started working and although we did quite a lot of work we were mostly just chatting and having a good time. It turns out she was recently divorced for which I gave her my sympathies and she told me she was feeling lonely. By around 8:30 it was time for me to go but she said "oh stay a little longer won't you? I haven't had this much fun in months!" I gladly accepted and came back inside and she decided we should order some takeaway so we got a Chinese but it said it could take over 30 minutes to deliver which was fine by me! We got back to talking and in her tipsy state she made a joke saying "if you spent as much time studying as you did staring at my body I'm sure you'd get the highest marks possible!" I felt my face go red but she said "don't worry love I like being appreciated"

I being the romantic I was said "it's only because you are so beautiful" and that's when she leaned towards me shut her eyes and kissed me.

I immediately started to kiss her back and soon we were on the couch with me on top French kissing passionately. We continued this for about five minutes until she started to take my top off which I eagerly helped with and then my trousers until I was just in my boxers. She then also stripped to her underwear and I nearly came then from the site of this beautiful lady stripping for me. She was wearing a black lacy bra and matching black thong and looked amazing!! We then got back to kissing whilst I gently squeezed her boobs (I don't know much about bras but I thinks she was a DD or maybe a little smaller). We then took off her bra to reveal her lovely, big, perky greats with long nipples which I then began to play with sucking and licking and squeezing. I was in heaven! She then put her hand down my pants and pulled out my dick (7 inch) and started to wank me off. About 30 seconds later I told her "I'm gunna cum! Oh god! Faster!) and then I came all over her face as she directed my cock, I have never had such a powerful orgasm before or since and must of shot 7 ropes of cum all onto her face and in her mouth! I then murmured a thank you and moved my head down to return the favour...

I gently rubbed her clit for a minute whilst also teasing the rest of her vagina with my other hand, she had a trimmed bush which I liked and thought It looked hot. I kissed up and down her legs whilst teasing her until I finally put my head to her lovely pussy and pleasured her with my tongue. She was absolutely soaked and after a minute or so started to squirm and moan "I'm cumming! Faster! YES!! and with that she came and squirted all over my face. We then lay next to each other panting. I had just started to get my clothes on when the Chinese arrived which was great and led to even more fun! Needless to say I had a great time and it led to many more great times which I'll gladly post if you want...



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