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Help From Mom

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Help from Mom
Hi,I am a 17 year old male and I'm sharing something that happened to me about a week ago.
I was feeling kind of dirty because me and my friends were playing basketball for a few hours so we all came inside and went to the basement to watch some TV, I told the guys that I was gonna take a quick 5 minute shower. I have 1 sister who is 2 years older than me and a brother who is 2 years younger than me, they were both in the kitchen with my mom who was cooking dinner. I told my mom that i was gonna take a shower then she said to be quick because she needed to take one also. So i went upstairs and stripped off my clothes and threw them on the ground and jumped right in the shower. It felt good with all that warm water after playing some basketball for a few hours. for about 2 minutes i was cleaning myself and kinds of jerking myself. Then my mom came in and told me to hurry up because she need it quickly. I stoped jerking and continued to shower. All of a sudden I saw my mom peaking at my dick which was kind of hard because of the previous jerking. I felt so horny but embarrassed at the same time so i held it with both hands. My mom jokingly said "its ok, i've seen it when you were a baby, it was so cute, but now its so sexy" "its gotten much bigger" I smiled and said Thanks. The next thing I knew was that my mom was still stairing but she was taking her clothes off.
Then all of a sudden she grabed the curtain and opened it so fast. I didnt get scared but I was embarraseed again. My mom said she wanted to see my dick. I never heard her use the word Dick before. I said "sure, look all ya want" Then she asked if I masterbated, I said yeah about 2 times a day. Then she asked how many times i did it today and i said twice, and then she said lets go for 3. While saying that she reached out wiht her hand and held m throbbing dick. She got in the shower with me and we were completely naked.
She stood infront of me and put her hand around my neck and the other was still slowly rubbing my dick. I just smiled at her and was very nervous. She then turned around and put my hands on her hips she told me she wanted a few pumps, I quicky slid my dick in there, it was nice and smooth becuase of the soap from my body and all the water. I pumped in and out for about 2 minutes and then i told her I felt like shooting. So she said "Dont! Take it out!" So i took it out. She said "Dont cum yet, we are just starting all the fun" The next thing I knew was that she was on her knees and half my dick was in her mouth. It felt so good, I have never gotten this close to a girl before! She sucked some more and then jerked it alittle then she told me to get op top of her and suck on her tits. I sucked on her tits, they were huge and floppy. I jiggled them wiht my hands, i had so much fun with her nipples in my mouth, Then i got an idea, i put my dick between then and teased her, I slid it between up and down, each time it went up, she tried licking it, but i pulled it down, Then i felyt like cumming, soI told her, and she said go for it, so i held it and shot a big load on her face, and she just licked it all up, after that i got changed and went down, my friends said"you took 45 minutes! We thought u said 5" i just smiled and said i got tied up, hehehe



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