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Help From Mom

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Help from Mom
This story is true, I swear. When I was about 16(7 years ago), I broke both of my arms in a freak car accident and had to stay in the hospital for about a week because they thought I might have some internal injuries. About the third day I was there, I had woke up with this huge erection. I was a little bigger than normal, about 8.5 inches, and thick. I was fucking scared that somebody would walk in on me with a log sticking straight up so I managed to move onto my side so it would be less visible. After breakfast, which was fed to me by a student nurse, I was all alone. Mom wasn‚??t supposed to stop by till this afternoon. I tried to forget about my throbbing cock, but it refused to go down, without anything else to do I rolled onto my back and started to dry hump against my sheets. I was getting nowhere fast, but I figured that with enough friction and a good fuck fantasy, I might be able to get off. Within a few minutes I got lost in the fantasy and didn‚??t hear the door open.
"Somebody is horny!" Holy shit! It‚??s my mom! She must have come from work! I scrambled to get my cock horizontal but it was not cooperating. She had walked in on me masturbating before, but never with the room lit up, and she had never stayed longer than 2 seconds. My family has always been open about sex and stuff. "Yeah, I haven‚??t been able to get off in a few days ya know!" I replied, still trying to get my cock down, but with my arms in casts, they wouldn‚??t reach.
"Need a hand?" Startled that my mother would ask this, I stuttered a reply, "S-s-sure, I guess." She leaned up against the bed and tried to push my hard cock down with one hand while straightening the sheet with the other, it didn‚??t work. "Well‚?¶" she said, "there is only one other option‚?¶" Shocked, I barely squeaked okay. Without a word she locked the door and stripped off her dress, jacket, shirt and stepped out of her heels, wearing just a half-cup bra a matching thong, and thigh-high stocking with a garter belt. One thing you have to know about my mom, she is an ex-nude model, about 5‚??8", thin, 34DD breasts (I looked at her bra), and a tight ass. "Can‚??t get any cum on my dress, I gotta be back at work in an hour." With that she climbed onto my bed and pulled down the sheets and pulled up my hospital gown. "God, that is huge‚?¶" She whispered.
She straddled my legs, facing me,With utter respect, she gently grasped my cock and began stroking it slowly. Man, I was so close cumming. I closed my eyes and within minutes, I was cumming. "I‚??m about to cum" I groaned. With that I lifted my hips and shot all over her breasts, stomach, my chest, stomach, and coated her hand. With out a word she got off the bed and went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel, then proceeded to clean us both off.
After getting dressed, she tucked me back in and left. She came back every day I was in the hospital to get me off, and even did it while I was at home. But this continued even more, with mutual masturbation between us, eventually, my two sisters got involved and we still masturbate together. --Jake
I would love to read your questions or comments. Email me at I would also like to hear your stories about family masturbation, no male/male please, anything else is welcome. Please write!



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