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Some say reality can never be as good as fantasy. That's what I thought until I went to Uni.


Ok, well, where to start? I'm 19, just finished my first year at Uni. I had a few boyfriends before college, nothing serious though, just a little petting. (Yes, I was a virgin when I got to Uni.)

I masturbate a lot though. At least once a day, but usually more. I tend to fantasize a lot when I masturbate. Sometimes soft romantic settings and being seduced by Mr Wonderful. Sometimes a little darker, being chased, caught, forced into sex.

So there I was in my first room at Uni, sharing with a lovely girl called Emma. We got through the bit about negotiating who had which bed, cupboards etc and settled down for a late supper after unpacking. Emma said that she felt I ought to know that she masturbates every night. I went bright red and said that so did I. We kind of agreed to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when one of us did it. We managed to do this for all of the Autumn and Winter terms last year. It was very erotic hearing another girl play with herself and I wondered how she did herself. If it was different from the way I like it.

At almost the end of the year there was a disco and we got back to our room very late. Emma said that she felt really horny and wanted to cum. I told her to go right ahead. Emma flopped back onto her bed and I could see that her panties were visibly moist. I must admit that my mouth went dry and I felt really nervous, but turned on at the same time. Emma jammed a hand down her panties and I could see that she was rubbing her clit (just the way I like it). What she did next blew me away though. She reached into her top drawer and brought out a large (well it looked large to me) dildo and pulled her panties to one side and jammed it right inside herself. Watching her fucking herself like that had me in a sweat and I had to rub myself over my panties at the same time. Then Emma had opened her eyes and said 'Hey Helen, would you mind giving me a hand?' She indicated that she wanted me to take over with the dildo and soon I was fucking her with it while she used her now spare hand to push a long finger into her anus. Shortly after, she arched her back and came loud and very hard.

I would like to say that she then used it on me, but that's not what happened. I don't quite know how, but suddenly we were in bed, naked, just kissing and stroking each other's backs and asses. Again, I wasn't really conscious of the moment that she pushed her hand between my legs, but I knew I wanted her to and soon, she was masturbating me. Then, Emma was circling my clit with her finger and it drove me real close. I was kinda scared, because I know I pee sometimes when I cum real hard, I told Emma, but she didn't seem to care. Then I felt the most awesome orgasm beginning to swell inside me and suddenly, I was cumming and cumming. It was fabulous. Since then, since that very first night, Emma and I sleep together most nights and she took my virginity, at my request with her dildo. I guess I am a lesbian, but Emma says I wont know that till I try a man. Ahh well.. its gonna be a great second year!



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