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Heavenly Hands

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My second 'real' girlfriend was probably the love of my life, although I didn't realize it at the time. Her name was Jane. We began the usual way making out and getting a little more daring with every time we were together. Eventually, our shyness dissipated.

The first time I fingered Jane she showed me what to do, she said that's how she pleasures herself. Wow, a woman that admits to masturbating! I had been doing it to myself for years and now could finally feel perfectly comfortable admitting to someone that I masturbated. We had totally honesty and open communication, she was truly my best friend. Soul mates? Probably.

That first time began when she played with my hard cock as we were kissing and began to stroke it. She did this so perfectly and it felt so good that I asked how many guys she had done this with. I know, in retrospect that was a dumb thing to say. But even her friends said I really was the first guy she was ever intimate with. She said what she was doing to me was what felt good to her. That was a little difficult to comprehend because of anatomical differences, but this wasn't the time to worry about it. I fumbled around and stuck a finger or two in her, but she said she wanted me to wait to take care of her and to concentrate on my own pleasure.

I guess my playing with her pussy had become rather erratic once her hand was expertly stroking my cock. She sensed when I was close to cumming, and sped up at exactly the right time. She was ready and caught my explosive blasts in her other hand.

Believe me, there was plenty of pleasure. I had 'real' sex before with my first girlfriend and I can honestly say that this was far more exciting than anything I had experienced before. And looking back, this was the best time of my life.

She said the sensation of touch gave her more pleasure than any other, such as watching or making sounds. She demonstrated what movements gave her the most intense pleasure. After some time, when she had an orgasm or several, depending on our moods and time, she gently put her hand on mine to let me know when to stop. Jane was very quiet, and didn't reveal what she was feeling. But by then I could pretty much tell. Both of us were quiet and we could hear each other hearts beating harder and faster as we got closer to cumming. We didn't scream or moan or make any of the 'normal' sounds associated orgasm or impending orgasm. This was a major benefit as we could play with each other when parents were within earshot. How she instinctively knew what to do I'll never know.

We did eventually move on to other forms of release, as one would expect.

Even though we were perfect together physically, we were young and had to sow our wild oats only learn the hard way if better partners were out there. Or not. How could two people be so lucky to find a partner that mirrored themselves so well?

We've always lived within a few miles of each other, and still occasionally run into each other. Of course now we're married to others, she's even been through a divorce. I probably should have gotten back together with her, but I didn't want to go through that terrible pain of breaking again up again if things didn't work out.



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