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Heaven on Earth

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It was like he could read my mind.


I was brought up by my grandmother who is, bless her, a "traditional" catholic. Just about everything is a "sin" of some kind or other. As I developed, I would hear the girls at school talking about masturbation, boys, (and some girls), and for sure, I would feel horny myself, but I never ever did anything about it. Some days, I would be so wound up.

Then there was a new organist at church. A really nice guy, but of course way older than me. Maybe that was half the attraction. I didn't own anything you could call sexy, but I realised I wanted to use what I had so I would make sure my knickers were visible above my jeans, or even pull them tight up my ass so it felt like a thong. On days when I wore a dress I would hitch it up and over my belt so it would be mid thigh. Of course NEVER when my grandmother was about.

One particular day after choir I was in the church hall helping him pack away and I was making totally sure he could see up my skirt. I knew he would never do anything about it but it turned me on to the point where I could feel myself getting wet. I had also decided that I would masturbate as soon as I could for the first time. I would deal with the guilt later. He was standing sideways on to me when he said "You know, Elizabeth, it is perfectly natural to feel how you feel. You should let someone do something about it for you. After all, if someone else touches you and you happen to like it, it isn't you doing it is it?" He knew exactly what I wanted and how I was feeling!

He went on, walking towards me, "If a man stood behind you like this and pulled you back against him, and if he touched your breast like this, and maybe slipped his hand up your skirt, you aren't doing anything wrong are you?" My heart was beating like a hammer. I actually ACHED for his hand to go inside my knickers. I lay my head back against his shoulder. "And if someone were to put his hand inside your knickers....and... move... down.." Each word was spaced out as his hand moved with agonizing slowness "down to your......" (Ohh I wanted him to say it, to use the dirty word) "What shall I call it for you, Elizabeth?" I couldn't talk, in fact I could barely whisper, but I managed "my cunt". He chuckled "Yes, to your cunt and if he were to find your clit like this...(ohhh yes)..and move his finger around like this..(SHIT YEAH).. and if he were to finger fuck you like this as if it were a little cock fucking you and about to shoot its cum inside your beautiful, wet cunt..." That was as far as he got. In less that half a minute he had me cumming for the first time in my life and into my knickers too. But he didn't stop. He kept on fingering me and talking so dirty that soon I felt another cum on the way. He had his hand inside my bra alternating between cupping my (small) breast and pinching my nipple until it hurt, but in a nice way, and one long finger deep up me with his thumb on my clit. Then he pulled his hand out of my bra and slipped it down the back of my knickers. For a second I thought, (hoped?) that he was going to take them off and fuck me there and then, but instead he pushed his finger in me from behind and then, oh my GOD, then he pushed it up my ass. I came again so hard.

After I had to sit down because my knees were shaking. I wanted to do something for him but he wouldn't let me.

Each night we had a rehearsal he would make me cum as we packed away, even during my period.(Which felt amazing!) Then one night he let me jack him off. I felt so powerful to have made him so hard and to make him shoot his spunk everywhere. We have done some really sexy things although he hasn't even tried to screw me despite me begging him to. One night, I made him shoot his load into my knickers and wore them home. I felt really horny.

Last night, I got to telling my best friend about it and she wants him to do that for her too. The thing is, I wouldn't mind watching him do it for her. To be honest, I wouldn't mind her touching me or me touching her. Maybe there is a lot more for me to find out yet.

My advice to any girl my age is this. Find yourself a nice middle aged guy to experiment with. They are not going to tell, like most boys would, or push you too far. You find the right guy and man,,,, its heaven on earth! I am now an avid masturbator and totally at ease with not only my feelings, but how my body can respond to them, and it is all thanks to this fantastic man. One thing though, I really want to finger my best friend. Who knows, maybe that will happen too.



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