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Technique? Oh dear, I have so many. Ah well, I suppose I can list a few.

My techniques tend to come (cum) under two categories, clothed and unclothed. I love to masturbate fully clothed, and sometimes in public. I love the wet sticky feeling between my legs, and if I am fortunate enough to spurt, it feels like I have peed my panties, and I love that sensation too. Let me give you one of each.

1) If I feel like being dirty I do something like this. I wear a skirt, sometimes a denim one, but sometimes a pleated school type one. Always 'ordinary' cotton panties, neve a thong for this) and always pantyhose too. A white t shirt and no bra. I wander around the house feeling very horny at the thought of what is to come. I make sure I drink plenty too. From time to time I will touch myself. Usually in front of a window where I will 'innocently' reach up under my skirt and rub myself. Is anyone looking? I hope so. As the urge to pee becomes stronger, I will resist it until it is almost unbearable. Then, I will go for a walk. Usually to the local park. I make sure that I will not be able to make it either to a public toilet or home. Its amazing how sexy needing to pee can be for a girl. Sometimes I find myself somewhere totally secluded, other times I will sit on the grass. Either way what comes next is usually the same. I let a little go and then stop. Keep stopping and starting is the key. A little rub between each and the orgasm soon starts to build. Hold it off for as long as you possible can. Keep stopping and starting. You will find that at some point the urge to pee and the urge to cum become as one. Still, dont let it go yet. Hold it until you really cant hold either any more then let all your pee out. Sometimes this can make me cum without the further need to touch myself. Its raunchy, dirty, disgusting and totally wonderful.

2) (A fantasy I use often.)At home, in my bed. Lots of soft light feathery touches over my smooth hairless mound. The gently urging to part my legs being resisted, because good girls dont, do they? Then, hesitatingly, my legs part and 'his' or 'her' hand touches my sex. I let her explore me. She is telling me that it will be alright, that it will only hurt for a second and then it will feel lovely.I feel my pussy lips swell and my clit starts to throb. It feels strange. Now she is holding me open. I feel so exposed, so vulnerable. Her finger traces my wet valley from my ass to my clit. 'Now its time, she says' and thrusts her finger into me. I yelp with the pain. She kisses me gently and soothes me. 'Its alright, baby, it wont hurt for long.' and then she is slipping her finger in and out of me. I arch my back and surrender myself to the feelings she is giving me. My hand explores her leg, her thigh, then between her thighs, up up up to her panties. (Usually I have a pair of either my used panties or, once or twice, I have sneaked a pair of my friends home with me.) I feel myself rising to orgasm, so I whisper to her 'Squat over my face' (I put the panties on my face) 'oohh you smell lovely' . I cum relasing spasm after spams into her hand.

These fantasies work for me every time. Sometimes I imagine a boy is with me sometimes a girl. Sometimes I let him/her seduce me, other times, force me.

As for my best friend. Yes, I know it is disloyal sneaking her panties. But I do and I dont regret it. We have made out together a couple of times and if I am careful and dont rush, I think we will do more.

I hope you have enjoyed this. I need to take care of myself now.



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