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Hearing A Friend

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Hearing a Friend
I learned how to masturbate fairly early in life, around 8 or 9, but obviously I couldn't come until about 12. I always enjoyed masturbating, and in my teens I would masturbate about 3 times a day, even. I had about a 6 inch cock at the time, which has since grown to 7 and a half. I was a Freshman in high school, early in the year. C.B. was a freshman too, and we were fairly good friends, but not the best.
I invited him over one night, and at around midnight we began talking about jerking off, how we did it and what we did with our come, etc. I then dedided that I would show hime a collection of adult magazines that I had found in our attic, and so I pulled a few out from under my bed. We looked throught them for a while, and I not only noticed my dick hardening, but I saw a destinct bulge in his pants, as well. I climbed up to my top bunk, for I still had bunk-beds, with a few magazines, and he stayed in the bottom bunk.
Soon, I heard his zipper go down, and I told him that if he needed a cloth, there was one in the desk near the bed. He reached over and got one, and I stayed quiet, eager to hear what he would do. I found myself getting a hard-on just thinking about what he was doing, and then heard the slight slapping of his hand and wrist on his lower stomach as he jerked off. The bed shook a little, and I felt like my cock was going to explode. I could see the shadow of him across the room, and of his hand sliding up and down his penis, which I estimated to be about the same as mine in size. From out previous conversation I learned that he was circumsized as well.
I began slowly messageing my dick, playing with the small helmet head with a deep groove going to the shaft. I heard his breathing begin to get harder, until he was groaning with delight. Finally he made one last little grunt, by bed jerked a little, and then he sighed deeply. He grabbed the rag and I could hear him cleaning up, but he didn't pull up his pants. I was about ready to burst, so I began to jerk off harder, making sure that he could feel it as I could. Before I came, I paused for a second, and felt the bed still shaking, realized that I had aroused him as well, and that he was back at it.
I didn't breathe as hard, and came quickly, not letting it stop me. I used the semen as a lubricant and kept masturbating, and so did he. I finally came again, with him close behind. I wiped up all of my come, and so did he, and we went to bed. We never talked about it, but I'm sure we've both always remebered that night.



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