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Heard but Not Seen

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I was a High School Music Teacher as well as a flute player in a semi-professional symphony orchestra. I had been asked to help run a high school music camp some distance out of the city, it was the summer vacation and the pay was good.

The camp was held in a former army base with three buildings, the centre building held the teaching rooms and performance space as well as the dining room and kitchen. The other buildings were the dormitories, one for the girls the other for the boys. Each dormitory had about 30 beds for students and a smaller room with four double bunks for the staff.

We had just finished the first camp for 12 to 15 year olds. I had responsibility for the woodwind players and was quite pleased with some of the talent that had been discovered. The busses had left to take the kids back to their homes, more would be arriving the next day with the 16 to 18 year olds for the second round. As there were only about 12 staff staying on all the kitchen workers were given the night off and so we had to drive a few miles to a roadhouse for an evening meal. The roadhouse had a bar and it looked as if the majority were going to have a long night. I had other ideas because I was becoming very horny.

The men in our group were either married or gay, either way none of them had shown any interest in me. It had been several month since I had sex and several weeks since my last orgasm. Our living conditions had worked against me doing anything about it but I could see the advantages of an early night. I said I had a headache and said my goodbyes, jumped into my car and headed back to the camp. All the lights were off so I grabbed my pyjamas and towel, left the lights on in our room and headed for the showers. I resisted the temptation to masturbate in the shower as it was very bright and sterile so I dried off, jumped into the pyjamas and headed back to our room.

The lights were now off. I realised that the bunk below mine now had an occupant. It was Mrs Holland, a thin woman in her late 40s who said she had left the roadhouse shortly after me so as to get a good nights sleep. With bitter disappointment I climbed into my bunk and tried to relax. Mrs Holland had been a music teacher at my school when I was about 13. I didn't much like her then and certainly didn't like her now!

We idly chatted for about 15 minutes when she suddenly changed the topic of conversation. She told me that she had been married for 24 years and that she and her husband had sex at least 3 times a week, every week. Further she had started to masturbate regularly from the age of about 12. The previous 10 days had been the longest period of celibacy since then!

'I sincerely apologise if this is going to embarrass you, but I am about to have an orgasm, I will try to keep it quiet' she said.

'Please don't be quiet' I said 'because I don't intend to'

I then heard her moving in the bed, throwing the bed clothes off and starting to breathe heavily. Then 'God yes ....I'm coming ...yes ... yes .... YES ...OHHHH'

I followed about 15 seconds later. I don't know what I said but I am never quiet.

After a few minutes I told her that it was one of the most erotic things I had ever heard and thanked her for sharing it with me.

She then said that there was surely time to go again and so I suggested this time we have a race. She said she had already started, I said so have I.

There was relative quiet for a while then I realised we were not racing but both waiting to hear the other. I eventually said 'enough putting it off, I'm about to come'

'Oh God, so am I' and with that we both had huge orgasms that must have been heard by anybody who happened to be nearby.

While we were catching our breath the room was lit by the headlights of the others returning from the Roadhouse. I quickly put my pyjama bottoms back on and did up the buttons on the top. I could hear Mrs Holland doing the same below me and we both pretended to be asleep when the others crashed in.

We never spoke of that night again but occasionally she would catch my eye and give a little smile.



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