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Health Club Adventure

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I had joined a gym because I needed to lose some weight. There was a fitness center that was locally-owned and operated, and when I visited it, I was pleased to see that the owner was an attractive blonde in her mid 30s (I was 29 at the time).
The first day I worked out, she took me around the workout floor and showed me the proper form for using all the machines. She was wearing light blue silk shorts and a brown silk tube shirt, and I stealthily stole glances up her shorts and down her shirt when she would be leaned over on one of the machines, or bent over at the waist.
This definitely got me in a sexual frame of mind.
When I signed the contract, I agreed to pay extra in exchange for having a key to the front door. My job required working different shifts, but with the key I could go work out even after the health club had closed for the night.
Over the next few months, I met several attractive girls who also worked out at the club. I never got dates with any of them, but I enjoyed watching them being so cute as they sweated and worked on the machines.
When my shift changed at work, I began arriving at the club at midnight, after everyone else had gone home and the club was dark. One night I had finished my workout and was getting horny and thinking about going home to masturbate.
As I was about to exit the building, I walked past the restrooms, and the thought came to me to see what the women's restroom looked like.
But first I explored the ceilings and walls, looking for security cameras. Seeing none, I entered the women's restroom of the nearly-dark club.
Inside it was a normal bathroom, but on the shelf above the sink was a big bottle of Jergen's hand lotion.
My heart began to pound as I considered making good use of the lotion. I thought about it, weighed the pros and cons, and decided to take a walk on the wild side.
Looking around the whole building again, because I wasn't the only person to have keyholder status at the club, I returned to the bathroom, dropped my shorts, squirted some lotion in my hand and started to stroke my already-hard penis.
It was so exciting, jacking off in the women's restroom, totally unable to disguise myself of what I was doing if I had been caught.
The fear of getting caught and the slick up-and-down motion of my hand on my cock combined to produce so much excitement that my breathing stopped and waves of pleasure shuddered through me as I jetted shot after shot of thick semen into the sink!!
As the waves of ecstasy passed through me, I felt weak-kneed, and had to hang on to the sink to keep from falling. I used some facial tissues to clean myself up and ran hot water in the sink to wash away the traces of sperm that had splattered on the porcelain.
I definitely didn't want to get caught, but the incredible experience wasn't something I could stop, so I continued to masturbate into the sink of the women's bathroom over the next few months, at least once a week, until the club went out of business and I lost my secret wank-spot.
It may be a good thing that happened, because my masturbation escapades had begun to get bolder, and I was also jacking off in the women's changing room in the back of the building. Sometimes the women would leave their locker unfastened and on rare occasions I would find a sweaty pair of panties, that I would use to jack off into.
One night I was laying on the floor of the changing room, looking at the full-length mirror on the wall and jacking off with the pair of panties, when I came so hard that my sperm shot into the air and landed with a splat on the carpet next to my hips! I cleaned myself up and tried to remove the waxy semen stain from the carpet,and ended up scrubbing it for 15 minutes to get the stain out.
That taught me a lesson, and I never did it again in the changing room.



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