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He Was My First

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We used to go there on holiday every year. He ran the band and I thought he was gorgeous. A few years older than me, but to me at least, that didn't matter. We would go for walks to the beach at night and at first, all he did was hold my hand as we walked. Then, when I was 17, he kissed me and oh, I almost melted. I encouraged him to touch my breasts but it was not until the next year that he put his hand in my panties. I had never let anyone touch me there and I wasn't sure how I would react. I could feel something building and then it hit me in waves. I tried to stop myself crying out, so I shuddered instead. I thought I was going to pee on his hand, but all that happened (I know now) was that I cummed.

He took my hand and guided it to his cock and showed me how to jack him. Sometimes, we would go in his car and one night in particular he took my panties right off and lay on top of me with his hand rubbing my pussy and clit. I was aching to have him inside me and I reached down to guide him, but he wouldn't go all the way with me. Instead he sat back in the drivers seat and said 'Carol, would you like to make me cum?' I said 'Would you like me to?' to which he responded 'Yes.' I started jacking him as I had been taught, but something made me want to get real close and (if you can imagine this) he was sitting on the seat, I was leaning over him with my face only a couple of centimeters from his cock. I could see the precum and I could feel him getting even harder. Then he said 'Oh... Carol... I'm going to cum' I went even faster and I felt him convulse. A large rope of cum shot out and I opened my mouth. He doesn't know to this day that I took the first two ejaculations right into my mouth and swallowed them.

When I got back to my room, I was so wet and I rubbed myself off to several really powerful orgasms thinking about how close we had come to going all the way.

We kept up our masturbatory sex life every time we went to that particular hotel. I explored my sexuality with him and felt totally safe. Sometimes we even got naked on his bed. I knew for an absolute fact that he would never just fuck me and to hell with the consequences. He made me cum time after time after time. Sometimes he would finger me, sometimes he would guide my own fingers.

Then, one year, I had decided that we would go all the way. When we went to the hotel, they had changed their band and he was gone. I married the next year, and my husband was my first. I really wanted Chris to be my first, but it was not to be.

Chris, if you read this, thank you for letting me develop into a sexual woman in such a safe way. You made it wonderful for me and taught me so much.



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