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He Was Huge

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In my freshman year in college, my roommate and I were very close. We had all the same interests, some of the same classes, and so on.

One morning, his bedroom door was open but he was still asleep. I looked inside and the sheets had been pulled off of him and he was laying there completely naked. I knew he slept naked, but I had never seen him before. What really shocked me though was the size of his penis. Even soft, it was huge and lay there draped over his leg. All I could do was stand there looking at it. I was there for about a minute when I guess I made a noise and he woke up and saw me staring at him. He asked if I liked what I saw and I told him I couldn't help it, I had never seen one that big before. He then sat up and told me to watch.

He started playing with it and it started getting hard. It just kept getting bigger and bigger before it was finished. I wouldn't have believed him if I didn't see it, but he told me it's about a foot long. He stood up and it stuck out from him like a log.

I told him that he must have had a lot of girlfriends before, and he told me he had a few, but a lot of them couldn't handle it. I could see why. He also told me that because of it he jacked off a lot. All of this talk started to get me hard too, but the size of his made my 6.5 incher seem small. I asked him if he felt like doing it now, and he said sure, but only if I did it too. I said I would and we went out to the TV and started watching a porn DVD he had. I took off all my clothes and we started watching it.

I took the couch and he got in the recliner, putting his feet up and leaning back, making his penis stand straight up. I tried to keep my eyes on the TV, but I kept going back and forth between that and him. At one point when I looked over, he had both his hands on it, squeezing and stroking with lots of room left. Watching him made me cum pretty fast, shooting it into a tissue. After that, I pretty much just sat there watching him play with his monster until he asked if I wanted to give him a hand. I walked over to him and took hold of it. It only took about a minute of me stoking him before he said he was about to cum. I started going faster and a few seconds later a fountain of cum started shooting from his penis all over his chest. It was amazing how much he came. After that, he just laid there for a couple minutes catching his breath as his erection started to go back down. I wiped off my hand and he went to clean himself off. The rest of the day we stayed naked, talking about sex and masturbation, the whole time with his huge penis flopping back and forth between his legs.

Even though our room assignments changed with our second year, we stayed close friends and got together every now and then to masturbate and hang out.



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