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He Tickled Me

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I have a younger brother who was and is an asshole. When he was 13 and I was 15 he went through a phase of grabbing me and tickling me. Usually, I would shrug him off and give him a kick, but on this time, he caught me just out of the shower on the landing. He leapt out of his room and grabbed me. I lost my towel and ran to my room in just my bra and panties, but he was right with me and shoved me onto my bed and got astride me and tickled like fuck. I giggled although I hated what he was doing to me. I thought he would stop but he kept going and suddenly, I was peeing myself. All over my bed, through my panties and everywhere. But there was more. Somehow he had gotten his knee between my legs and I must have peed on his leg too. But that wasn't the worst. He STILL didn't stop. Tickling and tickling me. Thats when I felt it. Suddenly, I knew I was gonna cum. I tried hard as all hell to stop it, but that just made it worse. Every move, through my soaked panties felt horny and the more I fought it off the bigger it got until suddenly I couldn't hold off any more and I cummed against his leg. I also felt he was hard. In fact, I could see through his joggers that he had quite a stiffy. I reached forward and tugged his joggers down and grabbed it. I started jacking for all I was worth, even though I didnt have much experience at doing that. Chris gasped and suddenly rope after rope of cum was jetting all over me. It went in my hair, on my face on my bra and between my breasts.

After he just knelt there panting and I lay in my own piss doing the same. He got up and ran back to his room leaving me to clean up.

All through dinner we didn't speak and I went to my room soon after clearing away. I heard a knock on the door. From Chris, this was unheard of. Usually, he just barges in. Instead he said 'Can I come in?' I invited him in and he sat down. He looked really flushed and I asked him what was wrong. It turned out he didnt know that he would make me pee, but he wanted to know what had happened after. I told him bluntly. 'You made me cum in my panties. That's why I grabbed your dick and made YOU cum. I figured that I would embarrass you too.' He said. 'Huh. I thought I was dying.' There was a world of scaredness in the way he said it and I saw his eyes fill with tears. I hugged him. Then, I kissed him. Then I guided his hand into my bra and soon after between my legs. We took our time this time and I showed him how I like to be touched. We also took a lot of time over him. He didnt KNOW how he liked to be touched, so, together, we found out.

Since then? Well, we did more. Everything from masturbating each other in our rooms, in the hot tub, even outdoors on the lawn. Once in the middle of a field. We explored the peeing thing too. Chris wanted to watch me pee in my panties which I found I really liked doing. I also liked holding his dick while he peed too. I know what you are thinking. Did they? Well, thats for us to know.



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