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He or She

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Ten years ago when I used to frequent an adult theater in a large city I ran into a thin man on a weekday afternoon who was sitting just a few seats away from me and one row ahead. When my eyes became accustomed to the darkness I was able to see that he, like many other men in that theater, had his penis out and was slowly masturbating. After a few moments I took my penis out too and began to masturbate. It was a slow day in the movie house and we were the only men near the back of the theater.

After a few minutes, during which he continued to glance at me, he motioned for me to move next to him, which I did. Then like I had many times before, I touched him and welcomed his hand as it began to fondle my penis. Within a few short minutes I was as hard as a rock, and I indicated that he should slow down. I didn't want to cum too soon.

He took his hand away and used it to slide his pants down a bit lower, then he pressed my hand down toward the base of his penis. At first I thought that he was trying to slow down too, but he continued to push my fingers past the base of his penis and down underneath. Assuming that he wanted me to touch his testicles I let my fingers drift down under his penis where I soon began to feel something that seemed very strange. He did not seem to have testicles. Instead he had folds of loose skin where his balls should have been.

I continued to explore gently by touching the folds of skin, thinking at first that something terrible had happened to his testicles, but as I touched him it was apparent that my probes were making him very aroused. As I continued he pulled his pants down ever further and spread his legs apart.

My probes were met with moisture which was confusing and at first I backed my fingers away. But he guided my hand down and into him and suddenly I realized that he had a vagina underneath and behind his rather long, thin penis.

As we sat there watching the movie screen he guided my fingers into his wet vagina and showed me how to pleasure him. As I continued he reached down, took his own penis in his hand and followed my motions with his own strokes. He became wetter and wetter as we continued and finally began to buck and gasp as he had an orgasm, but nothing came out of the end of his penis.

When we were done I followed him into the rest room where he explained that he was born with a penis and a vagina and had lived his life as a man. He had married but his wife left him saying that his issues were too difficult for her to deal with, especially since he could not make her pregnant.

I ran into him several more times over a two year period before that theater closed. I once asked him if he had ever had penetration sex with a man, but he said that he had not. He said that he wanted to but that his vagina was tiny and that he was afraid that he would be hurt.

I often wonder what happened to him, since that was ten years ago.



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