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He Milked Me To Sleep Every Night

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His long strong hands on my slight 5' cock was a dainty affair.


I heard the old skeleton key turn in my door so I closed my eyes pretending I was asleep. Stepping inside, his house coat fell to the floor. He knew I was awake with my felt pen size cock as firm as small turkey neck. I always left the light on so I could see his, and he could see mine. ahem! I mean I could see him and he could see me.

I was 19 and worked that summer in the main hotel, staying at an old rooming house type hotel. I became friendly with the manager, chit chatting in his office until we became very close. He was about sixty. He said he was once a masseuse.

The erotic adventure started one night when I came home and Eric asked me if I was tired and he could give me a massage if I so desired. He suggested I take a shower and get comfy in my room. 'Lock the door.' he said 'I have a key.'

I may have been a young spring chicken, but I was very sexual, thus I lay in the nude, in the warmth of the summer heat, on my back with my cock at the ready for what I had been waiting for since we had met. I was 5' tall-slim and muscular-not that much hair, except my pubic mound was dark and full. Dark curly head of hair, lets face it, I was a deliciouse little hunk, with a hard little cock and a tight round little bum and oh ya, a nice large ball sack.

Eric was at least 6' tall, slender and muscular-handsome-and very large hands. His cock was a wonder as he moved around my bed massaging me in ways that I never new. He always started at the head of the pulled away bed, leaning over me with his magnificent 10' cock just above my face, and his balls! They hung like the biggest pear from the orchard, in a sock.

He stretched my arms around, rubbed my chest all over, my stomach, my legs. Then he would take the pillow and kneel down and fondle my cock. His face would light up as his two fingers and thumb would stroke my lovely little shaft, his big hands, and my small cock looked so beautifull together. He pulled my sack, just right, slowly stretching, stretching and stroking. It wasn't long before it was time to shoot my milk. Eric always said 'Bring out your semen as soon as you like.' in a thick Swedish accent. 'Let it flow.'

I didn't know about multiple ejaculations then as I do now, so it was always my full load, as I pumped it out onto my tummy. Eric knew when I was about to let it flow as I would clench my buttocks tight and push up. As I was releasing my milk he talked me through it. 'Nice, nice, very nice heave up onto the stomach.' he would say as my milk was released and my balls pulled up and onto my cock. Then he would massage my cock and balls with my own juices as I lay spent on the bed. I was like a rag doll as he turned me over and stroked my bum with large hands massaging my cheeks and spreading them with oval strokes around and around. He would go to the sink and get a hot face cloth and roll it up into a long tube shape and stretch my buttocks apart and lay it between my cheeks against my tight little anus, it was so great. His large finger would slide up and dowm between my cheeks, with a pause at my anus, a little pressure, and then move on.

Flipping me over like a little doll he would give my cock and tummy a hot cloth washdow, and then started again on my softish shaft, with a tricky perenium massage with his thumbs and the whole thing, streching my sack and everything. But before my second release, he would straddle me at the foot of the bed as his huge cock and wonder ballsack hanging before my hands. I also loved this. I would lay there and grab his big cock and beat it with a vengeance. One hand fully open and gripping his balls like an apple, and one hand beating his large turkey neck up to the mega mushroom head as it dripped with juice. My fingers could not reach around the shaft. There was about 1' space between my thumb and middle finger as I tightend my grip. It seemed to take a long time for a young lazy kid, but when he came it was a wonder. I covered my face with one hand and beat his meat with the other as I peeked through my fingers. His balls didnt slap as per say, they flopped and smashed between his legs and up onto the top of my thumb. Then the milk started to 'flow' ropes splashing down onto my chest and head and hair, sploosh sploosh sploosh, it truly was a wonder. I loved it! Thick rich cream all over me. Eric just about passed out each and every time. He fell on top of me, with juice everywhere between us. His hard cock on my tummy like a fish club.

Then, when he gained his composer, he milked me again, he kind of milked me to sleep. Wiping me down with the warm cloth. This went on all summer, most every night. I miss his touch and his beautiful cock, and his balls, his hairless balls. In retrospect, his must have shaved his ballsack? His blonde pubic hair was full however, not many shaving back then, I don't think. This is just one more of my many adventures in J.O. I do attract men, some girls, but mostly men. It is true that all my life guys have played with my cock or just watched me jack off, it is so fun.

The job that summer was great! And the friendship with Eric was even better. I think he was very sad to see me go, as was I him.



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