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He Looks Different (Pt. 2)

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A continuation of the story about a Scout campout


As Erik was slowly pumping his uncut penis to keep it inflated enough to show us it looked just like our cut ones, both Rusty and I were slowly getting erections of our own.

'Well,' I said, 'not exactly like ours. There's a bit of skin under your pee hole.' I reached over with my right hand and placed my finger on his frenulum. I left it there as I said 'See?' I moved my finger up and down a small bit to keep his erection going. 'Rusty and I don't have that. Here . . .' I moved my finger away, reached over his waist, grabbed his left hand, and brought it back across his body to touch my frenulum. 'See?' He touched me with his index finger just as I had touched him. I reached my right hand back to touch him. 'See, you have that fold of skin and I don't.' I let my finger linger, now moving the fingerpad in a few small circles. I then pinched the skin at his frenulum gently between my thumb and finger and tugged on the skin, moving the very tip of his penis up and down. His whole penis twitched. Erik had left his finger on my now very hard penis.

'Yeah,' said Erik, beginning to breathe harder, 'I see what you mean.'

I moved my hand away and so did he. So far this as just an anatomy lesson, not a mutual masturbation session. I noticed that when he took his hand away from my penis he began touching his own again, slowly playing with his own frenulum the way I had. Maybe I had taught him something new. I looked over at Rusty, who looked disappointed to be left out of this lesson.

'Rusty's penis is just like mine,' I said. 'Here, Rusty, let's show Erik.' I kneeled on the towel sideways, facing the two boys with my feet out in the sand. 'Kneel facing me, Rusty. Erik, move out of the way.' Erik crawled off the towels and Rusty kneeled facing me. 'Closer,' I said. He knee-walked toward me until our erect penises nearly touched heads. 'There, good. Now look at our two penis heads, Erik.' Eric was on all fours, looking at our penises. 'Closer,' I said. Erik crawled closer.

Rusty's and my penis were standing out, perpendicular from our bellies, the heads barely an inch apart. At a little more than four inches Rusty's penis was shorter than mine, but somehow it seemed to have grown after all its use the previous night.

'Go ahead and feel under our heads.' I expected that at this point Erik might start balking as the direction things were going, but he maintained his easy-going temperament and-still on all fours with his face close to our penises-he reached out with his right hand and gently grabbed Rusty's penis. He lifted it a bit and bent his face to look at the underside of Rusty's penis. Rusty was getting harder with this handling, but Erik didn't let go. He seemed fascinated with seeing a circumcised penis so close up.

'Now look at mine,' I told Eric. I thought he was going to let go of Rusty's penis to examine mine, but he scooted into a kneeling position and grabbed mine in his left hand. He gave it the same examination he had given Rusty's.

'What's this dark line?' He asked. My circumcision scar is darker than Rusty's, which was nearly invisible against Rusty's pale skin.

'That's the scar from where the doctor cut my foreskin off when I was a baby. Rusty has one, too, but it's too pale to see it against his white skin.'

Erik turned his head to confirm what I had said. 'Oh, I see it. Yeah, it's almost invisible, but it's there.' He was still holding gently onto our penises while were having this conversation about circumcision scars, and his own penis had gone soft enough that the head had retreated almost all the way back into its foreskin, with just the last third or so of his head showing. His penis still was swollen enough to hang down over his balls, which I noticed were now hanging low in their sack. Even semi-soft his penis had not shrunk much from its six-inch length erect. A small drop of precum had appeared on the very tip of his penis.

'Erik,' I said, 'let's change places. You kneel here, facing Rusty. I want to compare your penises.' Erik let go of us and scooted back a bit, still on his knees. I scooted over into his position, and as we changed places I could feel his penis and balls briefly brush my heels. Now we were in our new positions, Rusty and Erik kneeling face-to-face. And I was kneeling almost between them, but to their side. Rusty's penis had softened to about the state of Erik's.

'Do you want us to make them hard again?' asked Rusty?

'No,' I said, 'but scoot closer together.' They did, with their semi-erect penises almost touching. I gently put my hands under their penises, my right under Rusty's and my left under Erik's. 'I want to try something,' I said.

'Scoot a little more, Rusty,' I instructed, and when the distance was just right I held their two heads up to one another. I had to pull back Erik's foreskin a little make to the heads touch, and when they did Rusty shivered from the excitement. 'Hold still, ' I said, and then I slid Erik's foreskin over the head of Rusty's penis with my left hand while supporting them both with my right.

'Oooh,' moaned Rusty, he began breathing heavier as I continued sliding Erik's foreskin back-and-forth, covering and uncovering the head of Rusty's penis. Although Rusty's penis was shorter than Erik's by almost two inches, they both were about the same thickness, so this new sort of jacking was working well. This activity was also having an effect on Erik, who had closed his eyes and leaned his head back a bit. Both penises were trying to get harder, but I held them in place and increased the speed of moving Erik's foreskin back-and forth. Rusty's chest was flushing red, which I had learned the night before was a sign he was getting close to having an orgasm. Erik's chest wasn't flushing, but the head of his penis was getting very red and glistening with precum. His balls had retreated close in to his body, almost disappearing. Erik wasn't making any sounds, but his thighs were quivering visibly.

'Oh, oh, I'm cumming, Jake, I'm cumming' gasped Rusty and Erik immediately chimed in with a breathy 'Me, too.' I stopped my movement with Erik's foreskin as much over Rusty's head as I could, given that both boys were twitching. I felt the hardening of Erik's penis and could feel the warm cum under his foreskin, mixing with Rusty's cum and oozing out onto the shaft of Rusty's penis. Erik gently knocked my hand away with his right hand and began pumping his penis, more cum pouring from his pee hole as the head appeared and disappeared and appeared again from its foreskin sheath. At the same time, Rusty had grabbed his penis with his left hand and was giving it long strokes, milking his cum into the growing puddle soaking the beach towel. Both boys were breathing heavily as they sat back on their heels.

I also sat back on my heels to take in the scene.

'Well,' I said to Rusty, 'I guess Erik's penis works just like yours. Just like ours.'

(to be continued)



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