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He Looks Different (Pt. 1)

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Like the earlier thread on this Scout camp experience, this begins with a real event and then moves into fiction


The next morning Rusty and I had wandered off from camp in search of firewood for cooking breakfast. We were both tired-having slept barely three hours before getting up-and Rusty's constant yawning was contagious. We had initiated Rusty into the senior leadership of the Boy Scout troop with what had started as naked play but had developed into a night of experimentation with just about every form of male-male masturbatory play I could imagine. We four-Rusty, Leo, my tentmate Allen, and I were exhausted, but we had to muster the energy for leading the troop in another day of Scout projects and play.

As we roamed through the trees near one end of the island on which we were camping, Rusty and I talked about everything but the previous night's activities. I don't think we felt guilty about the sex play, but each of us was reluctant to begin that conversation. Then Rusty said something that sent us right back into the topic.

'Jake,' he began, as we walked along, our eyes on the ground and occasionally bending over to pick up a piece of wood about the right size for our cooking fires. 'Jake, can I ask you something about penises?' That stopped me in my tracks. I raised my gaze from the ground to his face. We were in our usual beach camp attire-barefoot, shorts, and no shirt. I had seen and touched every inch of Rusty's body the night before, and it was as if I had X-ray vision. I imagined that I could see his naked genitals and butt beneath the shorts. I described Rusty's small, compact, very smooth and very blond body in the 'Test of Trust' thread, but what I didn't say then is that he never seemed to tan. At best he would get a slight red glow from the sun.

But I made myself focus on his face as he was talking to me. 'Yes, sure,' I said, wondering what he was going to ask.

'Well, you know that Erik is my tentmate, right?'

'Right,' I said. Erik was fairly new to the troop and was thirteen, Rusty's age, a year younger than I. There was a bit of a silence and I could see in his facial expression that Rusty was formulating the question.

'Well, I got a look at his penis yesterday afternoon when he was in the tent changing from his shorts into his swimsuit. I sort of burst into the tent and caught him by surprise. He thought I already had gone down to the beach, but I came back to get my goggles and snorkel. He quickly covered himself with his hands and I said, 'Ooops, sorry, I'll give you some privacy,' and I waited outside the tent while he changed.'

'Yeah, so?' I had no idea were this conversation was going, and I could not imagine what question Rusty had after our night of groping and mutual masturbation. Rusty had seen the penises of four other kids that night and had stroked them all. What more could he want to know?

'So I got a quick look at Erik's penis before he covered it up, and it looked sort of funny.'


'Well, different. I don't know how to describe it. Different from ours. You know, from our four penises.' He was including Allen and Leo.

'Different? You mean bent or something?'

'No. It just didn't seem to have a head.'

Erik's not circumcised, I realized then. Rusty is describing an uncircumcised penis, but he's never seen one. Of course, I had never seen one in real life, either, though I remembered reading about foreskins in that marriage manual I found in our storage space at home. There were even some line drawings showing an uncircumcised penis soft and erect.

'I think what you saw, Rusty, was an uncircumcised penis. When boys are born there is skin over the heads of their penises. The doctor cuts that off. I guess they just didn't cut off Erik's.'

'Oh.' Rusty thought for a second. 'Why didn't they cut it off?'

'I don't know.'

We resumed our hunt for firewood. After a few minutes, I mustered the courage to ask Rusty something. 'You know, I've never seen an uncircumcised penis. I'm kind of curious to see one.'

'Well, we could initiate him like you did me,' said Rusty, smiling.

'No, we're way too tired to have another night like that. But maybe you and I could find a way to get him to take off his shorts or swimsuit in front of us. You know, maybe get him to go skinnydipping with us.'

'Yeah,' said Rusty, and I could see that the idea interested him.

I thought about how me might do this. 'After lunch today, during siesta time, why don't you suggest to him that you two sneak off to this end of the island to go swimming. Don't say 'skinnydipping.' Just say 'swimming.' That way you'll both be in bathing suits. Bring your beach towels. Then I'll show up and we can improvise from there.'

'Okay,' agreed Rusty, and we resumed our firewood mission.

The morning and lunchtime proceeded as usual, but when everybody retired to their tents for the mandatory rest or nap period after lunch, I told Allen I had something to do and waited just outside of camp for Rusty and Erik to head for the beach at the secluded end of the island. Sure enough, I saw them sneak out of their tent and headed for the secluded beach at the end of the island. I followed them, making sure I was far enough behind that they could not see me. I knew where they were headed, anyway, and I could feel my penis begin to swell in anticipation of seeing my first uncircumcised penis. I was wearing just my shorts and underwear.

I paused as I got close to the beach. I saw Erik and Rusty had laid their towels out on the sand, had shed their shorts to the bathing suits they had worn underneath, and already were knee-deep in the water, splashing each other playfully. As I described earlier, Rusty is small but compact and strong. We all sported crew cuts and his blond hair was nearly white in the sun. Erik, thirteen like Rusty, was a bit taller and more broad-shouldered than Rusty. Erik had sandy brown hair bleaching to blond in the sun, with blue eyes and a muscular tanned body that looked almost brown compared to Rusty's pale skin. I stepped out from the bushes.

'What are you two doing?' I said, using my stern leader voice. The boys froze and looked at me.

'We just wanted to go for a swim,' said Rusty, meekly playing his part. Erik said nothing. He looked terrified.

'You're supposed to be resting,' I said. I paused, as if thinking.

'The water's really nice and warm,' said Rusty. He looked at Erik and then back at me. 'Why don't you come on in?'

I pretended to think this over. 'Tempting, but I don't have my bathing suit.'

'Well, you could come skinnydipping.' Rusty smiled and Erik seemed puzzled.

'Yeah, I could do that, but then you guys would be seeing me naked and you're still in your bathing suits. Why don't we all go skinnydipping and we won't say anything to anyone.'

'Sure,' said Rusty, and before Erik could think about this offer Rusty grabbed the waist of his own speedos and pushed them down his legs and off. He balled up the suit and threw it onto the beach. Erik was immobile, but he was not looking away from Rusty's naked body. In fact, I thought he was looking a bit longer than I expected.

Before Erik could think some more, I quickly pushed down my shorts and underwear and stepped out of them, placing them on a nearby towel.

'Well, Erik?' I asked, standing there with my hands on my hips. My penis was swelling a bit in anticipation, but I didn't want to get an erection and scare off Erik. I needed to push things along quickly.

'Well?' I repeated. Erik shrugged and slipped out of his bathing suit, also balling it up and throwing it onto the beach.

There he stood knee deep in water, his body nicely tanned except for the white area that had been covered by the swimsuit. And there we saw it, our first uncircumcised penis. Erik had a nice patch of pubic hair but was generally smooth on his chest and legs. His penis peeked out at us from the curly pubic hair, his foreskin all that was visible. His balls were pulled up close to his body. So as not to stare, I ran into the water and dove under when I was waist deep. The three of us splashed and swam around a bit, and then I suggested we get out and dry off in the sun before getting back to camp.

I lingered a bit in the water so that I could watch these two boys walk up out of the water onto the beach, now totally unselfconscious about their nudity in front of each other and in front of me.

Rusty lay down on his beach towel and Erik began to lay down on his, but I said, 'Erik, I don't have a beach towel with me, so why don't you lay your towel beside Rusty's? I think the towels are wide enough for the three of us to lie down. Erik shrugged again and did as I asked. Rusty looked at me, smirking. Erik lay down on his towel. 'Scoot over,' I said, and he did. I lay down beside him. So he was between Rusty and me. We all lay on our backs and soaked up the sun for a few minutes. The warmth was relaxing our bodies.

I repositioned myself onto my left side and propped up my head with my left arm.

'So, Erik,' I began, 'we can't help noticing that you're not circumcised. Why is that?'

'Well, I was born in Germany and I remember that none of us little kids were circumcised. We often ran around without clothes on and I don't remember any kid who was circumcised. So I didn't even know that happened. Our dicks all seemed normal to me. Then, when I got here when I was five or so, I saw another boy who was circumcised. I thought something was wrong with him and I asked my mother. She explained to me that the doctor had cut off that boy's foreskin-I don't think she used that word-but that they had left mine on. She emphasized that we were just different. Not better or worse.'

'You were born in Germany?' I asked. I had not known this. 'Your English is perfect.'

'Well, my father was in the army in Germany and my mother is German. But they spoke only English as I was growing up.'

There was a pause in our conversation. The sun was loosening up our penises and ball sacks.

'Erik, to tell you the truth, Rusty accidentally saw you changing yesterday and did not understand why your penis looks different. Can you show him that your penis has a head just like ours?'

'Sure,' said Erik, without any sense of shyness. Maybe it was his European early childhood. He reached down with both hands and used his thumbs and fingers to slide back his foreskin. His penis was still soft, but we could see the head poking out from his bush. He let go and the head retreated back into the folds of skin.

'Can you show him how the head completely comes out on its own, so you penis looks just like ours?'

'You mean get it hard?'

'Yeah. You do play with it and get it hard, right? All guys do.'

'Sure. Okay.' And with that he reached down, retracted his foreskin with his right hand, and began slowly sliding the foreskin back and forth across the head. His penis began to swell and pretty soon he could not bring the foreskin up over the head. He was not completely hard, but he was erect enough that I could see he was about my length, six inches or so. 'There. Looks just like yours.' He grasped his penis at the base making it even firmer.

'Yeah,' I said. 'Just like ours.'

(to be continued)



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