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he knew I was watching!!

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I read the stories very often and it really turns me on. I'm german and I wish there was a site like this in german, too. But I really enjoy reading the stories in English. But now it's my turn and I want to tell you my story.

Two years ago I was studying abroad in France. I pretty soon found a lot of friends and we went out a lot. We were a very international group with a french boy (Mathieu) and a french girl (Anouk), an English girl (Susan), a boy from Spain (Jorge) and a boy from the US.

I immediately had a crush on Eric, the guy from the US, who lived in a flat together with Susan and Jorge. He caught my eye because he was tall, had beautiful hands and adorable beautiful blue eyes. He was muscular - but not too much. Susan, the English girl, told me that he was kickboxing. I couldn't help but look at him. I was amazingly physically attracted to him.

Once at a party I was very brave. It happened that I told Eric that I found him very attractive. He said, that he found me very attractive, too. Indeed I feel very comfortable with my body. I never had weight problems. I have a small waist, elegant shoulders and firm c-cup breasts. Sometimes I don't even wear a bra because my breasts are firm and have a perfect shape. I'm very proud of them. Once a girl in the locker room told me that my breasts were so beautiful! This was just the next thing he told me and guess what? He told me right away that he thought about me when he's 'jacking off'. We have talked about some of our sexual experiences before, just like friends do sometimes. But this was something else! I was so turned on! I just smiled at him and flushed. 'I really would like to see that' Did I just say that?, I thought. He was about to respond something but right at this moment a very drunk friend of Eric came to us and destroyed our hot conversation. Unfortunately nothing else happened during the party. I was so pissed!

After everyone was gone I helped to clean up the flat. We all went to bed. I slept in Susan's room for this night. After a few hours I woke up. Susan was in deep sleep. In my pyjama I went to the kitchen to drink some orange-juice. Suddenly I heard some noise and went to the hallway to find out what it was. Again I heard it. It was a deep sigh and it came out of Eric's room where the door was left open a bit! Oh my god! I went to the door and peeked in the room and my mouth dropped open from what I saw. There he was, totally naked on his bed and stroking his boner! Again he sighed and then he moaned very quietly. His naked body looked just as I always had imagined it and it was a beautiful sight seeing him stroking! He took his hands off his boner for a little moment and I could see his beautiful 6 inch cock. To my delight I saw that he was circumcised and had shaved his balls. It looked amazing. I'd never seen a circumcised cock before. After a while he was stroking faster and his legs shivered. He stopped stroking to hold back and it turned me on so much to see him so close to orgasm. I only could see from his legs to his chest and I changed my position to see his face...

...I was startled! His eyes were open and he looked at me! He laughed and said: 'Oh, my plan worked!' I tried to look shocked and angry but I couldn't help but smile. 'I heard you going to the kitchen and thought I should fulfil your wish... >a dirty smile< You wanna come in?' he said and hesitantly I stepped in the room and closed the door behind me. I kneeled on the bed, right in front of him looking fascinated at him. 'I never did this before but it really turned me on as you said that' I just gave him a big smile because I didn't know what to say. I was still so amazed and surprised that this was really happening!! Then hesitantly I touched his balls and he took my hand and showed me how to stroke it because I didn't really know how to stroke a circumcised cock and was a bit clumsy at first. But I got it pretty fast and it felt soooo good!! He leaned back and moaned.

Then, without saying a word he sat up and kissed me. It was so amazing. I could feel my heart making a jump. He embraced me and I could feel his hard cock on my body. Our hands were everywhere and he stripped off my pyjama. I felt his hot tongue in my mouth and his hands all over my body. As he started to caress my clit I was in heaven. He was very pleased that I'm totally shaved! I let out a moan and thought I could explode right then and there! But I forced myself to stop and asked him: 'What about the show?' At first he looked at me with a questioning look but than he understood and smiled.

Again I was kneeling in front of him and he started to stroke himself again, propped up by some pillows in his back. I caressed his well trained body now and then. I told him that I want to see him come and this almost made him come indeed, I could tell, because he groaned and suddenly stopped stroking. I moaned as I saw that. It was so beautiful what I witnessed and it was so hot! I've never been so aroused in my whole life and I really needed to touch myself.

I laid down in front of him, my legs over his legs. My wet and dripping pussy was only inches from his hard cock and I couldn't help but let out a moan as my fingers started to massage my clit. Nobody has ever seen me like that and it felt so liberating! He joined my moaning, his eyes were glued on my fingers and he stopped stroking as I started to put on a show for him. I started to push two fingers inside of me and slowly pushed them in and out. With the left hand I teased my nipples. My right hand went back to caress my clit and before I knew it I was coming so hard like never before. I felt a tingle starting in my clit and then spreading throughout my body and then I just exploded. My whole body shivered and my breath stopped. As I opened my eyes I knew that he has waited for me to see him come because he came just at that moment. He stroked his cock fast, shivered and moaned out loud as the first streams of cum shot out. He tried to make sure that it landed on my pussy, but it also landed on our legs and on our bellys.

He still tried to catch his breath as he said: 'That was so damn hot!' We took a shower together to clean up and after that we both were ready for another round. But this time I wanted to feel him inside of me. We made love the whole day and I think we were very noisy. But Susan and Jorge didn't complain. ;o) The sex with him was so hot and we had so much fun together! Physically we were the perfect match, I'm sure. I miss that a lot!

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye after a few months, because he was going back to the US as I was going back to Germany. We knew that before. But we are still in contact. We e-mail each other. And sometimes we make a date and chat on the internet with webcams and still enjoy each other... Even throughout other relationships we had never stopped that. We really enjoy each other. I don't think that we will ever be together as a couple. Our lives and plans are so different. But in two months I will visit him for two weeks and we both know that there will be not a lot of time for sightseeing... ;o)



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