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He Knew I Was Watching!

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True story, but I made up some of the details so that it would read well.


Sitting in the bus station it was raining and my bus to college was late as usual as I stared bored at the floor. The bus station in the city centre of my home town was warm, if drab and with nothing of interest to look at. I raised my head to look for my bus, no luck, there were others in the station but they read papers or books or listened to music as they stared blankly into space.

There can't have been many people sitting in the station, but at the next bus stop a bloke about my age, with his sports bag between his feet, was leaning back on the seat, his arms dangling over it and his head hanging limp. He sat in his track suit, it looked as though he had been running, I watched for my bus.

As I watched he brought one arm round from the back of the chair and grabbed his crotch twisting into I assume a more comfortable position. I only saw this in the corner of my eye but couldn't help but have my attention drawn to this blokes crotch and the way his tracksuit bottoms had clung to his balls and dick. He returned his hand.

I didn't realise I was staring, but his dick gradually became more and more defined in his trousers. Then to my shock it sort of jumped within his trousers, and steadily this guys tracksuit bottoms pulled tighter around his dick until I could make out in minute detail (as possible as that is from the distance I was at) the entire shaft and head of his penis.

As he cast a green eye at me, he raised his shaven stubbly head and frowned at me. He looked the type to come over and give me a kicking so I looked away immediately, hoping he would let it drop. Through the corner of my eye I watched him, he was still sat back but now had his hand on his knees it seemed. and I could make out some movement, I didn't dare look, but I eventually couldn't help but venture a glance over at this bloke only to find his leering over at me with an intensity I wouldn't have been able to stand were it not for the fact that he had rested his hand loosely over his taught bulging trousers, apparently to hide it, but from my angle I was able to make out that he was rubbing the head of his magnificantly defined penis beneath his palm. I looked back at his face and it actually seemed that he was enjoying the fact that I was watching him.

I felt a little sick, mostly by the fact that I was finding myself aroused by this. I sat forward with my elbows on my knees to conceal my own bulge and looked frantically around at the other people in the station who all seemed emersed or too shy to notice anybody else. So my glance kept falling back on this guy who was rubbing the head of his penis across from me. I got so hot that I couldn't help but slip my hand into my own pocket and pleasure myself as best I could in the confinement of my trousers.

I stroked, finding myself hotter and more and more nervous as time went on. I stared around at everybody, the nerves and ecstacy sending my pulse and head soaring. What might have been two minutes became two hours for me, as I floated between panic and euphoria. I watched the bloke as he slipped his hand under beneath his trousers so matter of factly that I couldn't believe it, nor could I believe the shear detail with which I could make out this guys dick and hand, the trousers pulled taught around them both as he stroked his hard erect penis. The rhythm became more frantic, and the guy became a little flushed, and I followed.

A sudden hot flush and I could have buckled I didn't know, a sudden intensity in my groin that I could hardly bare as all the ecstacy located itself specifically in my groin the magnificent heat spilling out into my boxer shorts. When I openned my eyes my bus had arrived, I held my bag in front of my crotch as I walked, and left the guy still rubbing, I have no idea what he did after, I haven't seen him since I left him in the station, sat on that bus reflecting on what had happened. The gravity of it all hit me as the spunk cooled in my trousers, I felt content and relaxed.



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