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He Jerked - We Came

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Hope you like it. xxx Names changed to protect the not so innocent. If anyones cums too, let me know ...


My roommates Sarah and Emily were a bit bored during end of term at university. The weather had been hot so when we were around our second floor flat, we tended to be a bit underdressed. I rather fancied an old comfortable football jersey of an ex-boyfriend, whilst Sarah and Emily would each wear old sweatshirts... none of us bothered with pants very much, unless we were going out.

One mad early evening when we were all busy with work but massively horny from the lack of social contact and normal sex, we had ordered a large pizza for the three of us. Emily had particularly liked the delivery guy so we thought we would try their pizza again. She greeted him in the door and invited him into the front room whilst she found some money. His name was Pete. Just as I had stood up to ask him if he wanted something cool to drink, Sarah had flashed him her pussy. She must have continued to tease Pete because when I had returned with a drink of water, he had a very visible bulge in his sweat pants. I smiled, handed him the drink and walked toward Sarah, stopping half-way to bend over and pick up a newspaper that had been left on the floor, giving a clear view of my bare behind and labia. When I had turned around and sat down, he had a visible tent in his pants and was fidgeting with his hands nervously. Sarah was making small talk whilst on the couch, folding her legs under her bare bottom, I had opened my legs and was brazenly doing a slow caress of my dampening and swelling labia, flicking a finger or two inside. Pete looked at us both a bit stunned.

Emily came back and laughed wickedly about what fun she must have been missing. Sarah had leaned back and was also fingering her pussy looking at Pete's expression. Emily had pulled Pete's sweat pants down to his ankles and had tugged on his seriously erect cock several times to get him into the experience. She then came over and sat between Sarah and I and began to rub her nipples and join us in frigging like mad.

Pete caught on fast. His eyes bulged as he jerked his cock and stared at three hot girls, naked from the waist down, legs apart, rubbing their open, wet genitals in front of him. The poor guy huffed and grunted and came like a fire hose!! His wet glistening cock pumped one spurt of white cum after another until the guy had one last lurch, drizzled a last shot of cum and just stood there, wobbling, with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. Sarah began to come quickly, howling, cursing and shaking as she did with gooey sounds from her wet fingers in her sex.

I had thought that I could plunge my fingers in an out of my vagina and stroke my wet labia all day, but Emily reached over and flicked the hood of my clit and then suddenly- -UUnnuunnngghhgooohhh!! I was gone to the land of the big 'O'..... hhmmm!

Emily then had stood up and walked over to Pete and had him stroke her pussy until she came, sharing her breasts between both her and his free hand. She then bucked her hips against his fingers deep inside her and grunted, moaned and shuddered until she came in waves until she was just limp and whimpering in wet, sodden satisfaction. .

We never did pay for the pizza. Pete was so happy, he said it was on him. Let's see, that was five free pizza's last month... Maybe we should try Chinese food next term?



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