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He Didn't Know

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He Didn't Know
im a 15 year old bisexual male and i love to be next to me although i would never have sex with one (maybe). but anyway the story i am about to telll you is about my first bisexual experience (even thought the other kid isn't bi)
it was a month after new years and me and my frend collin (not his real name) decided to go to my moms house and drink some beers and watch some movies. when we got there we emedietly started drinking the beers we had brought over and i was downing them like there was no tomarrow. "and i'll tell you it take alot more than four beers to even tip me" so anyways we start watching lake placid on the couch and then collin says to me "hey grant are you drunk?" i was kinda wobly but knowhere near drunk, but still i answered "yup" and he was like "cool".
as the movie continued i felt this urge to masturbate (now me and collin know each other masturbate and we tell eachother freely whenever we do) so i say to him "hey man i gotta go take a wiz (and what he said next shocked me) "can i watch" he said, so i siad "sure comon". now i didn't even have to peee put still i made my self go as he watched on. "dude" he said " i gotta scratcg the itch" (our slang for masturbating) so i said " why dont you then" "im not going to do it in front of you" he siad. so me being the saposed drunk one said "ok i'll do it then" so we went back into the living room and i pulled my pants down and started at it. as u pumped and pulled he asked me if i needed help, so i siad "ok" so he grabbed hold and started to pump.
after a bit i asked if he could go faster so he did, he asked if i wnted him to give me a blow job but he didint want to unless it was necesary. so i said no but maybe nextime when were really drunk. he began to go faster and and asked me if i was about to cum i said yes and he asked again if i wanted a blowjob , but still i declined and as the itch came to my nads he went faster til a masice spert of pure white cum came shooting out of my dick. janding on the table and dribling down onto collin's hand. after we cleaned up we went out and got drinks and still to this day he still doesnt know i wasnt drunk or did he?
keep on jerkin-------GRANT



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