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He Couldn't Help It

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The block party.


I enjoy reading Solo Touch and feel it is time I contributed an experience I had 8 or so years ago.

Our street was at a form of block party at the area's community center one Saturday afternoon and evening. My husband was out of town so I went alone. The neighbor who lives around five houses down was there and I sat with him. He too was alone telling me his wife wasn't feeling up to coming.

At dusk I changed into my bikini and went for a swim. When I got out I again sat by this neighbor of mine. His name was Richard and he was around 5 years younger than me. I sat next to him and we talked. It wasn't long and Richard asked for my towel. I gave it to him and he covered his lower half with it. I asked him what was wrong and he said 'you don't want to know' with a little smile on his face. I told him I did. He told me 'OK; you asked for it' and raised the towel a little.

He was in his little tight swim suit and it was very easy to see his big erect penis in them. He put the towel back over it and said 'now look at what I've been seeing' looking down between my legs. I looked and said 'oh my god! No wonder you're like that'. My little thin yellow bikini bottom wasn't doing much of a job of concealing anything. My pussy was about as obvious as if I weren't wearing a thing and my black pubic hairs were sticking out the leg openings. Richard then said 'I couldn't help it. I tried to keep it down but couldn't stop it from getting like this'.

I had (and still do) the body of a 20-year-old woman and I well knew what my body does to men. I then told Richard 'well, it looks like Pam (his wife's name) is in for some fun tonight'. Richard replied 'afraid not. She's 'out of commission' right now on her period'. I then told him 'I guess it is then up to you and I'. Richard looked at me with a funny look on his face. I told him 'you're dying to get your hands on me and I'm dying to get my hands on you. Right'? He answered 'what do you have in mind'? I told him 'my van'. Richard then asked 'in the van'? I told him 'Not that, silly boy. I'm talking about using our hands'. Richard then said 'Oh; now I know what you mean. Let's go'.

My van had real dark tinted windows and in the darkness it couldn't be seen into. We went in the back and I closed the curtain behind the front seats. We went to the back seat and I turned on the floor lights so we could see each other. We stripped and Richard went to kissing my tits. I then felt his hand rub up my thigh and finally to my pussy. His fingers were like magic to me. I spread my legs wider and his fingers felt wonderful in me. It wasn't long and I had a fantastic orgasm.

When I was over it I went up front between the seats and got the bottle of hand lotion I kept there and I returned. I pumped several squirts of the lotion in my hand and put it around Richard's hard penis. He groaned and stretched out in the seat as I worked it. He soon got off shooting ropes of cum all over his chest and stomach. He was younger than my husband and he sure turned loose a load. Richard's penis was also bigger than my husband's.

We cleaned up and got our swim suits back on and returned to the party. The rest of the evening Richard kept hitting me up wanting to go to my house. I told him that what we did will have to do. He finally stopped talking the other stuff. Typical of a man I knew he'd want more of my pussy.

Well, it wasn't 6 months and my husband got transferred and we moved. Good thing too because I knew if we continued to stay there that I'd some day want a repeat performance with Richard and that he'd probably get his way with my pussy. I could only take so much of that.



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