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Haylee's Bath

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An erotic tale, inspired by a character from my novel.



Haylee put her left foot into the knee-high water. The warm water made the rest of her body feel cold, goosebumps covered her body, her nipples began to stiffen. She stepped her other foot into the bath and slowly lowered her bottom into the water. The warm water embraced the skin of her ass. Ever so slowly, Haylee continued to lower herself into the water. The warmth slowly crept up her ass, it caressed her. Ohh, she thought as the water kissed her sex's lips. As she lowered herself further, the water filled her sex, warmth spreading through her lower body. Her ass finally met the bottom of the bath tub. Her knees were still above the water, as were her breasts. She slid her bottom down the bath, causing her upper body to slowly enter the water. The warmth touched the underside of her breast, an electric wave of pleasure surged through her body, culminating at the point below her stomach. Inch by inch, the water rose to surround her perfectly rounded breasts. She stopped sliding when the water covered everything except for her stiffened nipples.

Haylee stared down the length of her body. The surface of the water broken only by her two pink pleasure buttons and her feet at the far end of the bath. She looked through the water and traced down her body with her eyes. Her belly button she could see between the two mountains that are her breasts. She slowly moved her gaze below her stomach to her shaven pubis. Between her thighs was a small mound, and she knew what lived on the other side. Haylee raised her hands to her nipples, they were solid. She traced the base of them with an index finger from each hand. Circle, Circle. She cupped her left breast and rose it to her mouth. Flick. Flick. She flicked the nipple with her tongue, causing her to moan in ecstasy. She was getting very turned on.

After sufficient playing with her breasts, Haylee slowly slid her right hand down the length of her body. Upon reaching the mound, she slid her fingers slowly over the top and then retracted her hand. In this fashion, she continued to rub her mound, each stroke increasing in force, each stroke increasing in pleasure. She slid her hand over the top of the mound and pushed her middle finger downwards. She felt her finger part the lips of her sex, she felt the warm fluid that occupied her swollen flower. she further slid her finger down her slit, embracing the pleasure and moaning softly. When she reached the end of her slit, she began to bring her finger back towards her clitoris. Here she retracted the hood and slowly circled her pleasure centre. She moaned deeply, she could feel the rising pressure deep within her.

She couldn't take it any longer. She slid her finger down her slit and found the entry to her sex. Haylee bent her finger and entered herself. She moaned even louder. In and out went her finger. Slowly at first, but she gradually worked herself into a frenzy. Her spare hand had moved down to continue the circulation of her clitoris. She extended an index finger and began sliding two fingers in and out of her sex. This was too much for her. She lifted her feet out of the tub and spread her legs as much as possible, pushing her ass into the air. Her sex was brought out of the water and she looked down at her two hands working on herself. Schlip, Schlip, Schlip. Her sex was so unbelievably wet, her every stroke emitting a groan and a wet sucking noise. She was close. She continued her work, everything was ignored. I'm going to come, she thought, nearly there.

'Aaaaaaaah!' Haylee screamed. Her whole body shuddered, she continued to rub away at her clitoris. Her hips were bucking in and out of the water, causing splashes to escape the confines of the tub. Just when her body stopped jerking another orgasm approached.

'Ooooooh,' she moaned, 'I'm going to come again!'

'Shit, shit, shit. Fuck!' Haylee screamed in pleasure, her body continued its wild thrashing, her hands finally stopped rubbing. She tried to control herself, but her body was beyond stopping, her sex contracted, contracted again and then. Squirt. A huge gush of liquid escaped her sex, it was too much for her. Haylee screamed again and again, this was the most pleasure she had ever experienced.

After a few minutes she finally relaxed enough to sink back into her bath. The water was somewhat milkier than before, she thought.



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