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Hawaian Mai Tai's

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My wife and I went on a holiday a few years ago to Hawaii and met the couple in the condo next to us. They were maybe ten years older than ourselves. While on vacation, my wife likes to sleep late and watch her favorite TV shows and just generally veg out. On the other hand, I like the pool, walking on the beach and doing things. It so happens, the lady next door was more like me. Her husband spent most of his time on the telephone trying to run his business back home.

In the weeks that followed, I grew to know this older woman next door quite well through our conversations. She took notice of the fact that I eyed up just about every swim suit around the pool and on the beach. I confessed that I love looking at women and wondering what they were like sexually, the color of their pubic hair and all.

After about 3 Mai Tai's at poolside one day nearing the end of our stay, she asked, 'have you looked and wondered about me?'. I replied that I had looked her over and, yes, did wonder what she might be like sexually. I guessed she had black pubic hair with streaks of gray. She said, 'you're right about the pubics so go ahead and ask me anything you want to know. We may never see each other again so let's talk frankly. Just remember, I'm faithful to my husband so don't get any ideas about having sex, okay?' I agreed with a twinge of sensation between my legs.

I then asked her, 'when was the last time you had an orgasm?'She replied that it was two days ago. I then asked 'were you alone or with her husband?' She said, 'alone. How did you guess?' I said, 'I just had a hunch.' Then she asked, 'you?' I told her it was about the same time and, yes, I was alone and added my wife doesn't like to screw much while on vacation.

This older lady surprised me when she blurted out, 'I haven't been screwed for over a year. I just do my thing and he does his and we get along just fine. I know he jacks off before coming to bed at least once a week. I've seen him do it a few times in his study. He stands up and goes off into a condom then flushes it. 'I usually masturbate the following day,' she added.

Growing braver in our conversation, I asked her, how it felt for her to masturbate to orgasm and how she does it? She said she likes it best when it's spontaneous. She told me she could probably do it now because our conversation. She confessed she would probably do it later. She then told me that the bathtub is her favorite place to masturbate. She added, 'I'm alone and no one bothers me there. I spread my legs and let the water gently wash over my clitoris. When, and if, my clit gets hard, I put my finger on it and rub slowly. The water acts as a lubricant as I also feel it going in and out of my vagina. As I feel myself starting to come, the feeling in my pussy is very intense. I just let it happen like my clit has a mind of it's own. I try not to control it. I lay there and relish the feeling for another hour or so.'

I told her I couldn't stand it anymore and would go into the condo and jack off. (she likes the term jack off better than masturbate for men).

She surprised me by offering to masturbate at the same time as I am. It was coming up four o'clock in the afternoon and agreed we would try to go off right at four o'clock. As we walked the steps up from the pool, she told they were leaving tomorrow and would I be agreeable to jacking off at four o'clock every Sunday afternoon from now on. I agreed to this arrangement and have held true to it for many years knowing I have a partner out there somewhere doing the same thing.



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