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Having Some Fun

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Matt is one of my closest friends. We always used to hang out together and, unbeknown to Matt (or so I thought), I used to fantasise about him all the time. He probably knew: in the showers after sports, I would be constantly looking at his naked body and massive cock, and he usually noticed but never said anything. It wasn't that I considered myself gay. I would probably have described myself as bi-curious. As far as I am concerned, you are either hot or you are not, regardless of gender. And Matt who has longish blond hair and an athletic body is definitely very hot. He had had lots of girlfriends. I had none.

For Matt's birthday he had a massive house party, after which five of his friends stayed the night. The other three had football in the morning and so left pretty early. Matt and I stayed in to sleep off our hangovers. After a while I heard Matt getting up. I opened my eyes and saw that he was just wearing his boxers, which was usual. He looked over to me, saw that I was awake, and nodded a hello. Then he did something pretty unexpected.

I'm going for a shower, he said with a big grin on his face. He started to laugh and then pulled down his boxers revealing his massive floppy cock. Do you want one?

Yeah. Let me know when you're finished, I replied, uncertain about what had got into Matt.

No. I mean now, with me. He was at this point standing, completely naked, at the foot of my sleeping bag, wearing nothing but an infectious smile. Come on. Its pretty obvious you want to. My parents are away all weekend and I thought we could have some fun. I didn't know what to say. I had just been rumbled; but then ... what was he saying ... was he gay?

I got up, also wearing just boxers, as Matt was heading to the door. I followed him along the hallway to the bathroom, longing after his smooth butt cheeks. In the bathroom he turned on the shower and got in. Turning round to face me, he said, What are you waiting for? I tentatively pulled down my boxers and stepped in. As I did so, I rubbed against him. The shower was quite small and we were pressed against each other as he closed the door.

As I stood there pretty wooden and uncomfortable, not really knowing what to do, he took the initiative again and started lathering my body with soap. Eventually, with one hand he started massaging my cock (which needless to say, was fully erect) and with the other he soaped my butt. When he started trying to push his finger into my butt hole I began to feel a bit uncomfortable and told him so. I had never had sex at all, never mind with another guy, and didn't want to go too far.

Relax, he said. Why don't you do me now? I was relieved, not least because I was seconds away from releasing my load. As he handed me the soap, he started to kiss me on the lips. It felt so wrong he was, after all, pretty much my best friend, the guy I had a secret crush on and, I had always thought, completely straight and yet it also felt so good. I brought my free hand up and held his hair (the other hand was holding the soap) and we made out for a while, our cocks touching as our bodies pressed against each other.

Eventually, I started putting the soap all over his body, in exactly the same way he had done for me. When it came to the cock, which felt so good to hold and which had grown even bigger now erect, I also did what he had done and, with my other hand, I massaged his butt and started rubbing his butt hole.

We were both still standing, kissing, stroking each others cocks, when I could take it no longer. I'm gonna cum, I said and with that my cum shot all over his abdomen and legs. He came not long after that. We were both pretty tired and cleaned ourselves down. As we dried ourselves, we both agreed that it was amazing. We went back to his bedroom, still naked, and sat on his bed.

I feel like I could go again. Do you want to give me a blowjob? I didn't need asking twice. I went down on him and started to lick and then suck his cock. It tasted so good. This kind of stuff continued until we were both really too tired. By this time it was almost lunch but neither of us felt like eating. We got into his (single) bed and fell asleep.

The knock on the door was what woke us suddenly. The panic on Matt's face was terrifying.

Can I come in? his mum asked.

Matt whispered in my ear, Just stay there. Well say you were uncomfortable sleeping on the floor in the sleeping bag. Then, to his mum, he said, Sure.

The door opened and his mum entered. I just thought I should come back this afternoon to help with the cleaning. How was the party last night? You boys should have been up by now. Have you had lunch?

Not yet.

Well, I need you to get up now so you can help clean the mess. With that, she left. Matt and I remained silent and we could hear her walk over to the bathroom and close the bathroom door.

My boxers are still in the bathroom, I whispered to Matt.

Shit! And she'll know we had showers. She already probably thinks its a bit strange that were lying in the same bed at two o'clock in the afternoon. There was genuine panic in Matt's voice.

We heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door unlock, followed by footsteps coming back along the hall. The bedroom door opened again.

Would you like to tell me whose underwear is lying on the bathroom floor? They don't look like yours, Matt.

Don't know, Matt said. It might be one of the guys playing football this morning. I think they had showers before they left. Thank god for quick thinking, I thought.

Matt's mum left again and we got up. Even under the circumstances, the sight of Matt's flaccid cock gave me an immediate erection. You're eager, he said as he slipped a fresh pair of boxers on. He reached into the drawer and threw me over a pair of boxers too. I put them on, scarcely able to believe that I was going to wear his underwear.

You will probably not believe a word of this story. I find it difficult to believe as well. But it is exactly what happened. Matt and I have continued over the last couple of weeks to meet up secretly to have some fun.



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