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Having Fun With Your Best Friend

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My best friend was moving to a house a little further away than me.

Whilst they were packing, I decided I would see if he needed any help. I knocked and his mother said to go straight to his room. She said he was taking down the pictures of our holiday together.

Lets call my friend 'Sam'. Anyway Sam had told me not to knock, but to walk straight in to his room whenever. Just to be sure he wasn't getting changed or anything like that, I peeked through a little crack in his door. What I saw horrified me. Sam was laying on his bed, pants and underwear off and had an erect penis. That didn't scare me but what did scare me was that he was looking at a photo of me (I knew it would be of me as every picture on his wall was me with no other girls and he had firmly said he was not gay). I had to know if he had feelings for me as I had feelings for him.

I very politely knocked on his door and called his name. He answered the door in his bath robe and invited me in. He asked me after two minutes of silence 'Maddy, what's wrong?' being as terrified as I was I could not lie to my best friend. 'I saw what you were doing before I knocked on the door'. 'Oh' was all he could seem to say.

After a long time of silence. I just had to ask him. 'Sam, do you have feelings for me? And I don't mean by friendship feelings but in love feelings?'. The only thing he seemed to be able to do was pull out a photo from his pocket of the robe, pull the robe back, point to the picture and point at his penis. Confused, I looked at the photo. It was of me in my bikini dripping wet from the ocean. 'Oh' was what I said. 'I'm really sorry Maddy. I know you probably don't feel the same way, and I am comfortable with that. But you just make my life perfect and when you are in tight little numbers, uh, there is no way to explain it. I'm sorry for what you saw, but you make me feel so hot that I just..' Was all he managed to babble out before I silenced him with a passionate kiss. It lasted a while before we had to come up for air. 'You..have..feelings...for..me...to?' he managed to get out between gasps. I just nodded. Then he started kissing me with his soft lips and I could feel his erect penis getting higher. I broke the fifth kiss and started laughing. 'What's so funny?' he asked. 'I'm givin you an erect penis and you are making me all wet' I replied. His question suprised me for a secound or two. 'Can I drive you to an orgasm?'.

I had thought about him giving me an orgasm but this was unreal. To be honest, I've never had an orgasm before this. 'Sure, but you have to let me make you cum' I replied. And then all of a sudden my clothes were on the floor, I was on his bed and I was being fingered. The feeling was indescribable. Having my best friend masturbate me and bring me to an orgasm was mind-blowing. After about 3-4 minutes I came all over his fingers, but he didn't seem to mind. 'What was the other part of the deal?' he asked. I instantly remembered and has his robe off and was pumping hard on his erect penis. He helped me by showing me what he likes the best. After 30 seconds of learning what he likes, he was thrusting his hips wildly and came all over his robe. That was not the last time we masturbated together. My favourite time was at the beach and we got a picture taken of us in the water, waist-high, with out hand on each others personal parts driving each other to orgasm.



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