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Having Fun Outside

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The first few of many to come, outdoor experiences.


I don't know why, but in the past year or so I've fallen in love with myself. I love being naked and seeing myself naked. I sleep in the nude and take pictures of myself. I jerk off about twice a week or whenever I'm in the mood. Irvington, NJ is a small urban town, and there isn't much privacy anywhere outdoors near me.

It first began when we began having some very humid weather over here. It was so hot and damp that whatever made contact with my skin began to stick to it, including clothes. It was late, around 1:00am. My mom was asleep but I was still up watching tv. I was sitting in the kitchen with the door open because it was so hot. There was a breeze coming in, but it wasn't enough for me. I went outside and it felt good. I immediately got hard thinking of what I could do since it was so late and no one seemed to be around. I decided to go slow and begin by pissing outside. I walked off my back porch over to the short chain-link fence at my neighbors backyard. After I made sure the coast was clear, I stuck my hard dick through the fence and began pissing. It felt so good to have my dick exposed to the night air. After I finished I tucked my erection back inside my shorts and went back inside.

The next few times I went outside late at night I stripped off my clothes enjoying the cool breeze that hit my body. Each time I ventured a little further down my driveway, getting closer to the sidewalk and street. The first time I jerked off outside, I did it very close to the house in its shadow just for extra precaution. My heart was racing, I knew that if any of my neighbors looked out of their windows I would be busted. I listened as the sound of the lotion squished between my hand and dick. It sounded so loud in the near-silence, that made me even more aroused, I came within minutes, letting my cum hit the ground in front of me. I pulled up my shorts and went back inside.

My latest 'escapade' happened a few days ago on Friday night. It was around midnight and I had been looking at porn on the internet. I had been lightly playing with myself and rubbing under the head of my dick. The leg of my boxers was wet with precum. I wanted to finish, but I wanted it to be a little different. I went outside with my T-shirt on and a tent in my boxers. It wasn't as late as I usually went out, but I didn't care. I was feeling extra bold so I walked from my back door, down my driveway, and onto my front porch. I began having doubts, the streetlights put me in the open, and I heard talking coming from somewhere across the street. I thought it over but decided to stay, I was there so I might as well handle my business. I had got a little softer by the time I stopped worrying. I pulled my semi-hard dick out of the fly of my boxers and began massaging under the head. As I realized what I was doing, I got hard very quickly. The voices across the street were getting louder and I was in plain sight. I concentrated on the head until I was almost ready to cum, then I started taking long strokes up and down my dick. I moaned as I shot cum on the steps below me in many spurts. As I recovered and milked the rest of the cum from my dick, a man carrying two bags walked by. I froze in place hoping he didn't see me. He didn't, he had two large bags and was walking down the street quickly, I don't even think he noticed I was there. I didn't bother to put my dick back in my boxers, I just walked around to my back door. I couldn't believe what I had just done and that I was SO close to getting caught. As I thought about it I got rock hard again. I came once more and then went to bed. This is the first of much outdoor fun to be had.

P.S. I Love This Site! I've read stories and techniques for years, but this was my first contribution. I hope someone enjoyed my story. I look forward to submitting more in the future. Thanks!



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