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Having Fun At Eleven

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This story takes place between 'Masturbated By My Cousin' on Solo on Nov. 28, 2002 and 'My First Ejaculation' story on Solo on Dec. 9, 2002 at which time I was eleven years old.


My sexual activity (masturbation) had begun two years earlier at the hands of an older cousin. Now, during the summer of 1953 at the end of the fifth grade my family moved to another location which was next door to another one of my cousins who had just turned fourteen. Previously I had not been around this cousin very much, however, I was hoping for a sexual encounter. Within a few days of moving next to him, he had a small "teepee" type tent that he put up in our back yard on a grassy spot. Of course, he invited me into his tent, and looking back I know that he definitely had a sexual motive in mind to begin with as most all boys do. Once inside this tent, we both conversed about different subjects, but it was not long, when the conversation turned to sex as he begin to probe into my sexual knowledge and my few experiences that I previously had, one being masturbated by the same older cousin for our first times, so we had this in common. At this time my cousin began to coax me into showing him my penis as he pulled his huge penis out and showed it to me. Now cousin had already reached his puberty and could ejaculate semen, although at this point I knew nothing about ejaculation or puberty. Since I was just eleven years old, although I would be turning twelve years of age in about 4 months, I was hesitant to show him my little penis because I was afraid that he would make fun of it because of it's small size, although secretly I really wanted to show it to him as I had a very strong sexual desire with my Puberty being only about 16 months into the future, although I did not know this at the time. I knew in my little mind that I would show him my penis, as I knew this would be the only way for us to engage in mutual sexual play. I guess that maybe I held out for an hour as we sat in the tent discussing sex until I couldn't stand it any longer and as I was already sitting down on the grass, I sort of leaned back a little bit and unzipped my pants, reached through my fly and pulled my little penis through my underwear and pants opening, still fearing some negative comments, but they never came as my cousin was so happy that I finaly relented and he was able to see my small pecker, and as far as I can remember, I was still mostly soft even though I was anticipating being "Jacked-Off", I guess because I was in a new situation with a different person. Well as i expected, my cousin asked me if I would like for him to "Jack-Me-Off" and of course I was ready and willing as I was hoping for this all along.
Cousin said that it would be better if I slid my pants and underwear down so he could get to my little penis a little easier with more freedom of movement without any restrictions, so as I laid back on the grass as he undone my pants belt, my zipper already down, and slid my pants down to my knees and then with a single move, he grabbed my shorts and slid them donw as well as I raised my little butt up to make it easier.
With my penis and balls fully exposed I was ready for some real action and it was not long in coming. My cousin gently placed his thumb and forefinger on my penis and began a real slight up and down manipulation of lmy foreskin which is so exciting and beginning to feel real good. I didn't take but a few of my cousin's short consistent strokes to my boy shaft as my goober got hard as a rock and I was feeling real good as the sensations emanating from my little penis was getting more intense with each passing second as I was really getting into it. Cousin continued his stroking without stopping when in two or three minutes I began to experience that familiar feeling that my orgasm was near. At this point I felt my body tense up as I stretched my legs as far as they would go, turning up my toes. My penis was rewarding me with the most wonderful sensations that was indescribable to an eleven year old boy as my cousin sensed my impending "orgasm" (we called this getting-good back way back then). As my balls had stopped juggling all around and were now tight up against the base of my penis, as my entire boy body became rigid and I arched my back balancing myself on my heels and my head as pure erotic waves of ecstasy flooded my entire little body as the spasms started down under my penis and balls and then as my cousin made the last stroke he could feel my penis reach it's maximum hardness with that final quiver as he brought me to my dry climax as I was uttering little noises and breathing very heavily as my body spasmed all over as my dick twitched back and forth several times as I fell back on the grass as my little dick went soft falling down on it's little blanket of pinkish balls from whence it came while I continued to ly there with a total feelilng of relaxation and exasperation trying to contemplate this wonderful experience. Well this story is just one of hundreds or maybe thousands that I have experieced during my lifetime from masturbation which I have thoroughly enjoyed these 61 years. After a slight rest, my cousin asked me if I would return the favor, and of course, I was more than glad to do so as I was sure he would want me to "Jack" him off next and naturally I was looking forward to making him feel good as he had done to me. This is another story within itself for another time, however, I will say that I got to witness my first ejaculation of semen as he squirted his sperm on the grass as I finished him off, which was a new experience for me. This is a true account as best as my memory serves me. I hope it is enjoyed by many readers.



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