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Having a Peegasm

Posted by: Age: 62 Posted on: 1 comments
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I've been trying to have a peegasm for a while now. Finally managed it.


I woke up in the night with a piss rod. That's what I call a hard on when you wake up ad you really have to go. But I was horny also. My wife was asleep at my side and I didn't want to wake her. Didn't want to risk her wrath rather than that she might want to 'play.' Wrath was more likely. So, I got up and went outside. Stark naked of course. With a raging boner.

As I stood at the edge of our avocado orchard on a hill overlooking the distant California coastline, I noticed the moon was bright enough, that anyone passing on the highway between us and the ocean could plainly see me standing there with my giant hardon. But they'd have to turn their heads and look quickly. And, I doubt most of the drivers did that. But perhaps some did.

And those that passed by in the next few minutes would see a skinny but athletic, older, average-height white guy jerking off. I was planning to cum, and then pee, and then go back to sleep. But then I thought, 'hey, this is the perfect time to practice peegasm.'

You see, I really had to pee, and that's the opportunity I've been working with these past few weeks. I wanted to literally cum and pee concurrently. So far, It has not quite worked. Either I cum too soon, and don't pee until after, or I had let out all the available pee by the time I ejaculated.

Tonight, it was different. Finally! I edged until I almost ejaculated and stopped a few times. I peed out just a drop or two between rubbing myself. Then I worked on getting really calm. I waned to revel in the feeling of 'gotta pee.' At the same time, while stroking very slowly and gently, I was also noticing the feeling of building orgasm, and the great stretched tight feeling of a very hard penis. What was different was that now I just enjoyed the gotta pee feeling without actually letting any more out. And stroked ever so slowly.

And then it hit me. The orgasm became inevitable, and ever so calmly I started to pee in earnest. And the pee started coming out not in a steady stream, but in spurts, like an ejaculation, but in longer, fuller spurts. And it was mixed with cum. I could feel it flowing, almost chunk-like among my pee, as my whole body shook with one of the strongest orgasms I've had in a long time, as I was peeing. It was fantastic. I hope someone driving by saw that, although I doubt they knew the full truth of what was happening.

Next on my agenda I'll try to do it if I can on video - with clear close-ups, so you can all see it on the Internet. I'd love to have you watch me and send your comments.



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