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Have You Done This Before?

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'Is this part of the exam?' He asked cheekily before becoming very quiet.

'No, I just finished the exam,' I replied as I gave his semi-hard cock a good tug, causing it to become fully engorged in a mere second. 'This is just for fun.'

His 6.5' cut cock became rock hard, the skin on it stretched taut. I pumped his shaft a couple times, but the skin wouldn't allow me to go over the head. A reluctant 'Ummph' escaped his mouth as his cock twitched in my hand, the head becoming red and a drop of precum bubbling to the tip. With my finger, I rubbed the precum around the tip gently and gave the dry head a little rub.

'Is this how you usually do it?' I asked as I pumped just the tight shaft up and down, not really touching the head.

'Yeah,' he said.

'Where's your strawberry lube?' I asked. He reached into a drawer and handed it to me. As he stood there in the corner of his room, I put a dollop of lube on the head. With both hands, I rubbed it around his whole cock from the base nestled in trimmed light brown pubes up to the very red tip.

Now I gave it a few good slow strokes from base to head. It twitched again in my hand and another small drop of precum beaded at the tip. I worked it into the head as I rubbed the head with the palm of my hand in a corkscrew motion. His hips buckled just a little.

'Have you done this before?' He asked quietly so as not to alert his roommate to our activity.

'Only once before, years ago,' I whispered back. We could hear his roommate moving about in the room next door.

I went back to stroking his cock slowly, milking it and giving a good squeeze when I reached the head. Each time his hips buckled a little as a small whimpering moan escaped his mouth. Every few strokes, more precum came to the tip-not enough to lube his cock, but enough to show his excitement.

'Do you precum much?' I asked curiously.

'Just a little like this,' he answered. I looked up and met his blue-green eyes for a moment.

I alternated stroking his whole cock slowly, so as not to make too much sound, and rubbing the head with the palm of my hand in a corkscrew motion. His eyes would close from time to time, lost in pleasure. His hips continued to buckle when I milked his cock and gave the head a good squeeze. Quiet moans left his mouth, despite trying to hold back.

'Do you moan often like this?' I asked, hoping he wouldn't get too loud that his roommate would hear.

'No, rarely,' he replied. 'Have you done this before?' He asked again.

I shrugged and continued. By now he was standing on his tiptoes, trying not to thrust forward into my hands. His hips now buckled more with each good squeeze I gave the head or when I rubbed it with that corkscrew motion.

'I'm getting close,' he whispered. I continued the pace. 'Here it comes, go faster!' he pleaded. I sped up just a little, always making sure to give the head a good squeeze. I paid special attention to the head, which was now very red and just as hard as the shaft. His face was flushed. 'Ugh, here it comes!' I stroked faster.

I saw a drop of white cum momentarily bead at the tip before suddenly 3-4 shots squirted out about four feet onto the hardwood floor of his room. A couple more dribbled out onto my hand and foot. As the last drops oozed out, I continued to stroke his still-hard cock, squeezing the head. But now the post-orgasm sensitivity was setting in. His hips buckled more from the sensitivity and he tried to back away. I didn't want to let it go just yet, and managed to get a couple more strokes out before he backed away into the wall and stuffed his now-softening cock into the safety of his underwear.

'Have you done this before?' He asked one more time.

'Just once before, about four or five years ago,' I said matter-of-factly.



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