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Have You Been Circumcised?(2)

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After I had climaxed I took a towel and cleaned up. Sandy was still watching my penis. When I had cleaned up, my penis had returned to my soft state, about three and a half inches. My foreskin hung off the end of my penis just a little.

It was now my turn to do her. I sat on the bed in front of her. I started by squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Her nipples were standing up like big pencil erasers. I hadn't been thinking about how Sandy looked while she was mastrubating me. I had only had one thing on my mind and that was how good my penis had felt. I started noticing how beautiful her body was. Her breasts stuck out from her chest just right. Her nipples looked perfect sitting on the end of them. Her stomach was fairly flat leading to her bush. She wasn't real hairy and I could just see the top of her crack in her hair. Her legs were long and shaply. I was in heaven looking at her. I was still playing with her breasts when she said that it was starting to hurt a little. I told her I was sorry but I hadn't had any experience doing this. Sandy asked if I had ever played with a woman's breasts before and I told her I had felt them through a girl's bra once that was all. She showed me how to touch them softly running my finger tips around each one and brushing the nipple as I went by. I liked doing that but not as much a squeezing them. I loved how they felt.

Sandy looked at my penis and asked if she was exciting me and I told her yes. Why? She said because your penis is still soft. I looked down and it was still completely soft. I told her after I climaxed it took a while before I would get a hard on again. She asked if she could feel it soft and I said yes. She reached over and took hold of it. She squeezed it and my shaft and head slid back into my foreskin leaving her with a hand full of empty foreskin. She said it felt kind of soft and pliable as she rubbed it between her finger and thumb. Do you like how that feels I asked, she said she did but liked it better when I was hard and my penis filled my foreskin. Can your foreskin go back when you are not hard? Sure I told her but you have to hold my foreskin lightly at the back of my penis and pull back from there. She did that and got it back.

While she was playing with my foreskin she told me to move down to her stomach and rub softly there. As I was doing that as I would rub close to her bush she would rise up to meet my hand. My hand would get into her bush. After I did this for several minutes she asked if I had ever seen what a woman looks like down here and guided my hand between her legs. I told her no. She said to let her lay down and she would show me. She layed down and spread her legs. As she did this her pussy lips opened just a little. She pointed to the top of her crack and said that this was her clit and that it was covered with a little fold of skin. She told me to push it back. I did and out came this little pink knob. She said that was the most sensitive part of her whole body. She told me to feel it. I reached out and put my finger on it. It was hard. She jumped a little when I touched it. She told me to rub my finger around it a little. I did that and she started to moan and raised her hips to meet my touch. She then told me to open her pussy lips and look down. The first little hole you see is my pee hole. The second bigger hole is my vagina. She told me to run my finger down to her vagina and rub around the outside of it. She squirmed when I did that. That's my second most sensitive part. Anything you touch between my legs feels good but my clit and vagina feel the best.

Now let me tell you how to help me reach my climax. Take your thumb and hook it in the skin covering my clit. That will help hold it on my clit. Then put one of your fingers in my vagina. As you rub my clit move your finger in an out of my vagina. I started doing that and she told me to bend over and suck one of her breasts. I couldn't believe what I was doing. After a minute or so she told me to change to the other breast which I did. She started to moan and wiggle around as I did this. All of a sudden she tensed up and closed her legs around my hand and started jerking around. She was breathing heavy and kind of grunting as she breathed. That's enough she panted. I stopped and just watched her come down from her orgasm. I'm sure it wasn't the best one she had ever had but it was the greatest thing I had ever seen in my lifetime.



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