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Have You Been Circumcised? (4)

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The next day after lunch Jim and I and several other guys were sitting in front of the school waiting for the bell to ring. One of the guys said 'Here comes Maggie.' Now most of the guys in school think she is really sexy, me included. I don't know what it is about her. I think it is the way she carries herself. She is tall but doesn't slouch. She even wears high heels once in a while. She is thin with small breasts and not much of a butt. She wears her hair short and once in a while she will put some of it in a pony tail that is only about two inches long. Some of her hair isn't long enough to be in the pony tail and she just brushed it back. Anyway she just acts sexy somehow.

She walked up to me and gave me a note. All of the guys started razzing me about having a girl friend (OH, how I wished). I told them it was for Sandy. The bell was about to ring so we started to go back to class. I looked at the note and it had my name on it. I knew it could only be one thing. I started getting hard just thinking about it. I went into the rest room and into one of the stalls to read the note. It said, Talk to Jim. My parents are going to be gone all day Saturday. Bring Sandy over at ten. I want to know two things when you come over. Is your dad circumcised? and Why didn't they do you?

Wow!....... Wow!! If I hadn't been hard before I sure was then. I had to get myself off so I could get to class without anyone noticing the bulge in my pants. It didn't take long for me to reach my climax as excited as I was. That made afternoon classes easier to get through. Jim and I had PE the last hour so I decided to talk to him then if I could. At the end of PE the teacher needed someone to help put the equipment away so I volunteered Jim. By the time we were done we were the last into the locker room and into the shower. Jim and I showered in PE all the time so it was no big deal. I had seen him check me out and I had checked him out before. That's a guy thing I guess. All guys do that. As we were showering I wanted to check Jim out a little closer. I didn't want to have him be much longer or bigger around than me. I would be really embarrassed if he were. I took a good look at his penis when he was washing his hair and couldn't see me doing it. He was longer than me soft but he couldn't be much longer hard or he wouldn't have enough skin to cover his shaft. He was about the same size around as I was so I felt OK.

As we were drying off I asked Jim if he had ever played 'doctor' with Maggie. He said he had once when they were younger. He asked my if I had with Sandy. I told him a little about last night. Jim put his shorts and pants on in a hurry when I told him. I was dressed by then as well. We both had bulges in our pants. I told him about the note and he couldn't believe it was true. Jim even thought Maggie was sexy and he had a crush on Sandy so it wasn't hard to get him to say yes.

When I got home I told Sandy. She was really excited, in more ways that one. She said she could hardly wait till Saturday (this was Thursday). Both of us had things we had to do both tonight and tomorrow so we didn't do anything either night. I hope Sandy was thinking about doing something. I know I was.

Saturday morning came. I woke up with a morning wood like I never had before. I would have taken care of it right then if we hadn't been going over to Jim and Maggie's. We got there just before ten (not soon enough for me). Jim and I both had bulges in our pants. That is one advantage women have over guys. Their excitement doesn't show as much.

We went up to Jim's bedroom. Maggie asked me if I had answers to her questions and I told her I did. My dad was circumcised. The reason I hadn't been was I had been born premature and the doctor had advised against it until I had grown a little bigger. They never got around to doing it. She seemed OK with that answer. Jim said, 'Let's get on with it.' He was ready. The girls said turn around and get undressed so we all turned around. We got undressed. This was the firt time I had seen Jim with an erection. The other way round too. We were about the same size. The only difference was my foreskin. The skin on Jim's penis was so tight that it looked almost like it would hurt while my foreskin covered my whole head.

The girls were undressed and Sandy said turn around on three. On three we all turned round. Both their eyes went right to our penises. Looking back and forth from Jim's to mine. Our eyes went to their breasts looking back and forth between Sandy's and Maggie's. Maggie said, 'Jim's looks like all the little boys we babysit except it is a lot bigger. Sam's looks very different.' That made my penis jump a little. Sandy told us to come over to them. They were by the bed so we walked over to them. As I got closer to them I could see Maggie better. Her breasts were small with soft pink puffy nipples. She didn't have much pubic hair. It was the same color as her hair. Her stomach was flatter than Sandy's. Both of them looked unbelievable. Sandy then told Maggie if I would pull my foreskin back I would look just like Jim. Maggie asked me if I would and I slowly did. She watched me with interest. When I got it all the way back she just said 'Wow!'

Sandy said they wanted to check us both out to see what the difference was between me and Jim. She said Jim first. I guess she had already checked me out the other day. They both sat on the bed right in front of Jim. Sandy reached out and took Jim's penis in her hand. She ran her hand back along his shaft. There was no skin movement at all. Then she pulled her hand forward and there still wasn't any movement. Maggie then did the same thing to Jim. They both took really close looks at Jim's penis. They moved it around and looked at the under side.

Then they came over in front of me. My penis was bouncing to my heart beat. I had left my foreskin back when I showed them how it went back. It will stay back but bunch up against my glans. Sandy took hold of my penis and pushed back on it. My foreskin slid back with her hand. She then pulled her hand forward and pulled my foreskin over my glans. Maggie was watching with real interest as she did that. Maggie wanted to try so she took a hold of my penis and pushed my foreskin back tight then brought it forward again. She did it again several times then reached over to Jim and rubbed his penis without any skin movement.

She asked Jim if he ever had any movement of the skin. He said if his penis was soft he could move it a little but never enough to pull it over his head. He said he was just able to get it close to his head but just touch it a little. Sandy then took both of our penises in her hands and did the same thing. Then they came over in front of me and looked close at mine. They looked under and watched as they pulled my foreskin back and forth. Sandy said that she wanted to see how we masturbated so Jim and I started. Jim rubbed his penis and I pulled my foreskin back and forth. I noticed Jim watching me as I did it. I'm sure he had never seen a guy pull his foreskin back and forth like I was doing. He was focusing more on his head while I was pulling my foreskin back along my shaft as I pulled it over my head. Finally Jim asked if he could try my foreskin once. I told him sure. He took my penis in his hand and pulled my foreskin back and forth. Wow that is really different.

Then it was our turn to check the girls out. I was more interested in Maggie and Jim was more interested in Sandy (Wonder why). Maggie's breasts were small but firmer than Sandy's. Maggie's nipples were almost a third of her breasts. We took our time looking them over really good. We compared them like they had done us. The only difference I noticed other than their breasts was Maggie's clit was a little bigger that Sandy's. That may have been because Maggie was thinner.

The rest of the time went much like it did with Sandy and me except they would take turns stroking us about a minute at a time then switch. Once when Maggie was pulling my foreskin back and forth she asked me if it didn't bother me that I was one of the only boys with a foreskin while allmost all the others were circumcised. I told her that when I was younger it bothered me a quite a bit but once I found out what it was used for I have never looked back. The only way I would want to lose it would be to wear it out using it. With that she squeesed my penis and pulled my foreskin back hard. Maggie was doing me when I came. When I reached my climax I took her hand and pulled my foreskin back all the way and held it there for a few seconds then told her to keep going. That always feels good. Just as I was finishing, Jim was cuming. Then he asked Sandy to just pull on his shaft and not rub his head because it was too sensitive.

Jim and I did them after. Maggie's breasts were small enough that I could get most of them into my mouth. Jim of course couldn't pull his foreskin over Sandy's nipple and Maggie's were too big for me to get hers all in mine. Maggie watched really close as I mastrubated. She paid close attention to my foreskin moving back and forth. We spent most of he day nude playing with each other. It was a quite a day. We finally had to get dressed and go home.

Maggie and I becme a couple and have since married. She has been trying to wear my foreskin out ever since. I have no objection to that for sure. It is one of my simple pleasures.



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