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Haunted or Not

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I had to tell this to someone, it really happened this way and I really can't explain it.


I live in a very rural part of the country. Farming, ranching and the small towns that support them is what is out here. It is many miles between towns and you should only drive a car that is in good shape with a good spare tire, unfortunately I forgot the spare tire.

It was ten in the morning and I was driving about forty miles away from town when a dog ran out into the road. I swerved the car to miss it and hit something on the side of the road. I got out of my car to see the damage. My tire was flat and the rim was bent. Thank goodness for cell phones. I called up my mechanic friend in town to see if he could bring out a service truck and fix my car. He said he could, but I would have to wait until his partner got back from another job. He told me it would be about three hours until he could get there. He then asked me were I was located. I looked around for some kind of landmark. I told him what highway I was on and described the old abandoned farm house that was there. He laughed and told me that the abandoned house was on the old Johnson farmstead and stories have been told about it being haunted. I laughed with him and told him I would check it out.

I walked up to the house and strolled around it. Most of the glass was missing, and the paint was peeling and cracked, but it seemed like a charming old house and not scary at all. I pushed on the front door and it creaked open. There wasn't any furniture left except for and old kitchen table. I climbed the stairs and checked out all of the bedrooms. All I found was some old magazines in one room and nothing more.

I went back down the stairs to the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen I began to feel very pleasant. The best way to describe it is the feeling you have at the end of a perfect day, when everything went well and your boss gave you compliment. I felt very relaxed.

It was then I felt like I was being watched. I checked all through the house again but it was still empty. I still was feeling very pleasant and safe. Then I felt this strong urge to remove my shirt. I normally do not go into strange houses and begin to disrobe but the urge was strong and for some strange reason I felt willing. I unbuttoned my shirt and slowly removed it and tossed it onto the kitchen counter. Strange as it seems it felt to me that the house or its residents felt pleased and I actually enjoyed it.

Now I had this strong urge to remove my jeans. 'Nobody is going to believe this,' I said to myself, 'This is just crazy.' I kicked off my shoes and began to slide off my jeans. 'I don't why I'm doing this but it seems fun.' I tossed my jeans with my shirt. The house again seemed to feel very pleased. I walked around in the kitchen in my bra and panties feeling really wonderful. I actually began to hum one of my favorite songs.

The next urge was to remove my bra, and to do it like a stripper. I danced around the kitchen, humming, and very slowly removing my bra. I pulled the straps off first then held my hands over my boobs and continued to dance. Then I just let the bra fall to the floor. I circled the kitchen shaking my boobs like a show girl. This really was feeling great and the house was pleased.

I stopped dancing and stood by the table. The new urge was to sit on the table, which I did. I really felt like I like was being guided. I was guided to lie back on the table. I felt so relaxed though the feeling like I was still being watched was there and I really didn't care. My panties had to come off. Something guided my hands to slide them off or so it felt. My nipples felt like they were being touched and they were becoming hard and swollen. I felt my thighs being spread apart; still feeling relaxed, as if this sort of thing is an everyday event. Evidently I was supposed to lie there and enjoy it. Invisible fingers were now messaging my pussy as well as my breasts. I could feel them gently slide in and out of me and my juices began to flow. My hands reached down and I began to play with myself which was a surprise because I had never masturbated before. I began to rub my clit and brought myself to the best orgasm ever and then again and even one more time.

I laid there breathing hard. I looked all around the kitchen and all was quiet. A horn honked and I quickly rolled off the table and began dressing myself. As I dressed I glanced out the window and saw the service truck. I straightened myself up as best as I could and headed out to the truck were my mechanic friend saw me approach and gave me a puzzled look. He asked me how my hair became so messed up. I told him I was exploring the house. He asked if I had seen any ghosts. 'Seen, no I hadn't seen any ghosts,' I replied. I watched him repair my car which didn't take very long. He told me he would bill me later, climbed into his truck, and left. I had to go back to the house one more time. Entering the kitchen I noticed my panties on the floor. I had been in such a hurry that I didn't get them on. I picked them up and placed them on the table. 'I'm giving you these panties as a going away present,' I yelled out. A gust of wind swung the front door open. It felt as if the house and its residents were saying good-bye and a thank you. I felt like I was leaving and old friend.

I thought about the days events all of the way home. Who could I tell, who would believe me, and would I want them to know what I did. I don't know if I would believe me except I was there. I can't explain what had happened but I ended up the day feeling like I had a great day and felt good.



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