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Hardons To Enjoy

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It is fun to show off and enjoy good hardons.


My second year of college was a great time. I had a new girlfriend and we were both horny! Many times we would make out late at night in the vacant school hallways. To add more thrills to our make out sessions, my girlfriend would lean back against the wall and spread open her legs to make her pussy more open to me while we kissed.

I would squat down a little, I being taller than her and press my hard cock in my pants against her pussy and dry humped her. We never came to orgasm but it got us so turned on that it made the kissing better.

One day my girlfriend decided I need new pants, so we went to the store and she selected a couple that she liked. They were tight, (she could see my hardon better) and they were lower in the waist band, hip hugger type. So on days I wore my new pants she would get me hornier and we would walk around campus showing off my huge hardon in by pants. Many times other girls would see my hardon which I did not try to cover it up. I thought if I could see girls' tits, they had a right to see my hardon and get a little thrill.

One Saturday I was over at my girlfriend's dorm room and we started kissing and got really horny. She got so turned on (it was those pants again), that she wanted more penis to pussy dry humping. She then stood up on her bed and we got crotch to crotch! To make things better, when I wore those pants she liked, I wore no underwear and she loved it (she to wore no panties)! This way she knew my penis and her pussy was more exposed and we both were making a nice wet spots together (it was nothing unusual for us to walk around horny with our wet spots showing).

Well, we were behind closed doors in her room really kissing and grinding. I was hard as a rock and we loved it. Because my pant's waist band was low, the head of my penis was right at top of my pants! So when I was hard, she could see it! To get the grinding done better, I grabbed her ass and pressed my cock hard against her pussy!

I can control my rush to cumming when I masturbate but this time I was not so lucky. I said I was so close to coming and was fighting to prevent it, so we pushed apart. With all of the excitement, she was looking at my hardon gasping for breath with lust in her eyes! I was trying to hold back and within an instant I pulled open my pant's waist band and had an orgasm! Because I was trying to hold back, my cum made a high arch hitting her, the wall, and on to the carpeted floor! This freaked her out because she could smell my juice and she wanted to clean up so her roommate would not know!

After wiping and cleaning up my cum, we laughed about our kiss/hump session and moved to the living room. Being still alone and horny, we started kissing again on the couch. As usual she was on top of me kissing, getting horny and checking to see if I had another hardon! I did. When my hardon was at full staff, she would look down see my penis's head peeking at the top of my pants with pre-cum oozing out! Now you know why she liked those pants, it easier to see my cock! For the record, we married and we are both heavy masturbators. She still likes to watch me squirt my cum when I masturbate in front of her! It makes her hornier and get her quicker to orgasms when she rubs her clit!



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