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Hard Water

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I never thought things like this actually happened, until today...


I swim pretty regularly-several times per week. Today, I was just finishing my swim at the local university pool. I entered the locker-room, tossed my goggles in my locker, and headed for the showers. There were three other people in the locker-room with me: a mid-20s guy (probably of Asian-Pacific or Thai origin), an older Chinese man, and his teenage son.

As I was entering the communal shower-room, the Asian-Pacific guy was leaving the shower to towel off. What I immediately noticed about him was his massive penis-we're talking like straight outta some porn-video! Needless to say, I tried not to be obvious and continued what I was doing. (Besides, with a cock like that, he was no doubt accustomed to to people sizing him up, right?)

I went to my favourite nozzle, turned on the water, and then realised that I'd forgotten my shampoo. So I adjusted the water-temperature and went back out to my locker to try to find shampoo.

Approaching my locker, I immediately noticed that the well-hung Asian-Pacific guy-we'll call him 'Lee'-seemed to be getting a bit of an erection. Uncircumsized and slender, his manhood could not have been less than 10-inches in length! As he bent over his gym-bag, it stood glistening, half-erect and it gave a quite noticeable twitch when it brushed against his arm.

By this point, I know he must have seen me staring at his hard cock! (All sorts of fantasies were flashing through my head, and I literally felt my mouth watering with perceived anticipation.) Still, as he stood within a few feet at the neighboring locker, I tried to stay focused on the task at hand: shampoo, where was my shampoo? After searching my enrire bag, I gave up and decided to just head back to the shower. By that time he'd put on a pair of yellow boxers and was again turned in my general direction. Chewing my lip, I stared intently, sheepishly at the massive tent in his boxers as I passed by him on the way back to the shower.

By the time I got back to the showers, the Chinese people were leaving and I had the shower-room to myself. It was just me: a 6'-1', 180-lb Caucasian with blue eyes, light complexion, short-spikey hair, several earrings, and a septum piercing in my nose. And by this time the water was spraying down on my neck, and I was horny as hell!

I went to my nozzle and stripped off my dark blue drag suit, revealing a slim-cut, multi-coloured Speedo-blues, greens and purples-which had nearly matched my dyed hair a few days ago! (Now it was a greenish-blonde, bleached by the chlorine in the pool.)

So I'm in the shower and I see 'Lee' using the automatic blow-dryers to dry himself and his suit. And I can barely see without my glasses, but he appears to be catching glimpses of me from around the corner using the bathroom mirror. The Chinese people have left the locker-room, and Lee continues to hang around. A minute or two later (I always take long showers after a swim to help stretch my muscles) I look up and Lee is standing just so I can see him in the steamy-mirror, and his jeans appear to be undone as he is slowly massaging his humongous cock!

By this time I cannot take it any longer! I reach down and massage myself through my Speedo, yank it down to cradle my balls, and I give Lee a little show.

Two minutes after that, I can't hold back any longer. The steam on the mirror and my lack of good vision has obscured an otherwise clear view of Lee stroking his juicy cock. In the end, fantasy takes over. My pace quickens as I imagine sucking on his incredible piece of manhood. Within seconds, I'm shooting my cum all over the shower-room floor. I lean against the wall, hot water spraying down from above, my muscles twitching in ecstacy.

When I look up, Lee is gone. Before I even have time to think about looking where he went, there's the sound of someone entering the locker-room from the pool area. I pull my Speedo back up and redirect the water to wash my spunk down the drain.

Can't wait to see what other sorts of safe, consentual fun may arise next time I take a swim. I just hope he had as much fun as I did!



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