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Hard To Sleep

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Last night was hot and sticky, in more ways than one. We went to bed around 11:00 (pretty early for us) but I was wide awake and I could tell Julie wasn't sleeping either. I was on my back, sheets thrown off me, occasionally touching myself and thinking about Saturday afternoon (another hot story I may post sometime). I was thinking that what I needed was a good orgasm to get to sleep, but I couldn't bring myself to disturb Julie in her efforts to get a decent night's sleep. She was about to eliminate that concern, but in the meantime I was caught in no-man's land.

At about 1:00am, Julie rolled over on her back and said, 'Where's my vibrator? I need an orgasm to get to sleep.' I immediately went rock-hard, of course, and jumped up to get her wand out of the drawer. I laid it down on the bed next to her hip, plugged it in and climbed back in bed beside her. I was, frankly, hoping for some full-on sex, so I offered to 'help,' give her some oral maybe, or suck on her nipples. She declined, which told me this was going to be all about getting to orgasm as quickly as possible. As she picked up the wand and took it under the sheets, I lay on my back and took my cock in hand.

With no preliminaries whatsoever, Julie switched on the wand and put it between her legs. I could see nothing but the movements under the sheets, but I had the image firmly in mind. Because I knew she was going to get there in a hurry, I went to work with a purpose. My only 'sexual issue' these days is that it takes me forever to cum, but I definitely wanted to join Julie and not be left stroking myself after she was satisfied and had fallen asleep.

Julie loves to cum, and she was on her way there in literally about 30 seconds. We were sharing soft, sexy, encouraging words, but she quickly went to moans followed by her first orgasm. I didn't know how many times she would try for and, like I said, I didn't want to get left behind, so I picked up the pace and began rocking my hips a bit. She looked at me with her eyes about half open. 'Does it feel good, baby?' she asked. Oh, yeah, definitely good. I said, 'you're so hot. I love to hear you cum. I love being beside you..' And before I could finish my sentence she came again.

She really is vocal, even when she's trying to be quiet, and I really do love hearing her. It always raises my level of arousal exponentially, and last night was no different. My cock felt wonderful, and I was getting confident that I would be joining her in a simultaneous orgasm shortly. As Julie hit her third orgasm in about three minutes, I was stroking quickly but smoothly and enjoying every moment.

Julie then laid the wand aside and for a moment I thought I had misread her. Then I felt her push her clothes down and off her feet and she spread her legs, draping her left leg over my right calf. I turned toward her a bit and we smiled at each other as she picked up the wand again and switched it back on. At this point I was beginning to think about where I might deposit my load.

I put my hand on her hip so I could feel her body's motions, and closed my eyes. She was so hot, but I knew she was about finished. I wanted to slip my hand between her legs and get a taste on my fingers, but I knew this wasn't the night for that so I focused on my cock and the orgasm that was almost there. Julie had numbers four and five in quick succession, rocking her hips and moaning, and then I felt her go limp and turn off the vibrator. After a moment she turned to me, put her hand on my chest and said, 'Cum for me baby.' That was all it took, and with two more strokes I was pumping cum out on my belly and chest. I knew I hit Julie's hand, because she lifted it from my chest to her mouth and licked it clean. Didn't get to come on her tits as I had been imagining moments before, but I was more than happy!

'That was so hot, baby,' we each said simultaneously. 'I love you,' and we drifted off to a deep, restful sleep.



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