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Happy Thanksgiving for Me!

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I had written to Solo Touch before, under the old Webmaster, and never got published, maybe this will go up...


Well, today I had the guts to do something I had only dreamed about until today.
That's right, I stole two, not one, but two pairs of Samantha's panties. Up until now, I had just thought about it. Names have been changed to protect...well...me, since you never know who gets on here and reads this. And, a little background, Samantha is a girl I have liked since eighth grade, we went out a few years ago and have been friends ever since. Here's the whole story:
My mother had called at her house and the phone was in her room, so I went in, and it occurred to me that I was alone in her room, and that the door was closed, what a perfect opportunity to get some panty-raiding in. So, I opened up her closet a little more and started digging. I was digging and searching looking for anything resembling panties for what seemed like ten or fifteen minutes, finally, I was done on the phone so I hung it up and continued my search with only the panties on my mind. I decided that maybe she kept her dirty little panties somewhere else, maybe only for this week, knowing that several horny teenage boys would be in her house. She is a tricky little girl, but finally, after much searching, I landed my fingers upon something that resembled the silk only worn by a girl. I couldn't see what I was grabbing because the damn closet was like a black hole, not allowing any sort of light to enter it. I clutched onto what I had only to hear footsteps down the hall. I quickly dropped what I had and moved down to the floor to pretend I was on the phone. I waited for a good five minutes, and the footsteps finally subsided. I went back to the closet and tried to discover what it had been I was holding on to. I put my hand back in and grabbed the panties like my hands had completely memorized the coordinates of the silky object. I grabbed them and pulled them out, disappointed to find that it was none other than an old training bra. Somewhat frustrated, I threw the bra to the back of the closet and focused once again on my mind consuming panty raid. A few things you must understand about the riskiness of the situation, for one thing, at any given time this Thanksgiving weekend, there could be as many as twelve or fifteen people in a house with one bathroom, just down the hall from where I was, so traffic was heavy. Also, most of the weekend, we had spent the time in Samantha's room, so this huge group of people could return without notice any minute. I continued searching, my stomach in an excited knot (yes, I get knots over panty-stealing, I have no sexual experience with anyone but myself, so this was mighty exciting.) my hands starting to perspire. I finally clutched on to one more pair of the silky untouchables and I pulled it out. I was absolutely ecstatic over my find. It was a pair of canary yellow silk panties, stained with the remnants of some period blood, and still wet with either pee, or cum. I smelled them and was instantly intoxicated with the smell. I shoved the pair in my pants, considering my next move when I realized there could be something even better waiting inside that dark abyss she called a closet.
Making sure the coast was clear, I stuck my hand back in and shuffled around and found another pair, this one was pink, and bikini cut, looked much more like something a sixteen year old hottie would wear. I smelled them and they had that little crust that forms on panties after a girl gets wet... It was heavenly. I stuck that pair next to the other one, and mad my best effort to re-adjust so my engorged cock wouldn't be too obvious as I walked down the hall to announce I had to run home to do some chores. My face flushed, I tried to catch my breath and act as normal as possible as I moved out of the room, pretending to have been looking for my wallet, as I climbed the stairs and told Samantha that I had to run home and do some chores real quick. She pleaded with me to stay, but I had to leave, as my cock needed to be touched or it might as well fall off. Of course, that's not what I told her. I went to my car and realized that I couldn't make it home, so I drove up to the campground just north of her house, not more than five minutes. I pulled the panties out on the drive over and realized just what I was in for. I pulled up into the campground and parked behind some trees to conceal myself from the road. I pulled my pants around my ankles and started to jack, holding the panties up to my face. It was incredible, I held out for about fifteen minutes before I let go and shot all over my car. It took a good three or four Kleenexes to fully repair the damage. Now comes the stupid part: I drove back to her house, trying to calm myself down after what I had just done, and walked in, nonchalantly. I went back to her room, where everyone was. I waited until they all left...and...I hate myself for this...I put them back. That's right, I threw the things back in the closet. I simply couldn't live with the guilt of having stolen two pairs of my best friends panties. So, I put them back, only to jack off twice (soon to be three) more times to the smell committed to memory.
Anyway, sorry this was so long, but it was important to me. Feedback is appreciated!!!



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