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Happy Ending

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Trying to make my happy ending fantasy cum true


Some of my favorite stories on SoloTouch have been massage stories with a happy ending and I have often fantasized about it happening to me. So I decided to see if I could make it happen. I had a business trip planned to out of town which gave me an opportunity to see if happy ending massages were real, without having to worry about being seen by anyone that I knew. I didn't want to just go to one of those seedy Asian Massage Parlors for a massage as I am pretty particular with women that I find attractive.

I found a website that listed masseuse that would come to your hotel for the massage. I flipped through the offerings until I finally came across one with a totally gorgeous redhead with a body that just didn't stop. She seemed almost too good to be true as and I wasn't sure if her pics were real, but I sent her an email and she responded pretty quickly with her availability and pricing. A bit on the high side for just a massage so I was optimistic that it wasn't just for a massage. I responded with the day and time that I wanted, making a comment on the pricing to see if I could get a feel for what was included in her services. I never heard back from her so sent an email when I got to Atlanta to ask her if she had gotten my email, as I was thinking that she may have been offended by what I may have been implying in my email. I got back a reply after awhile just saying that she had gotten it but no confirmation of the time and date.

Trying to figure out if it was worth pursuing, I checked her web page again and saw this at the top, "Please do not contact the provider(s) below if you're seeking any kind of illegal / inappropriate sexual services." But when I looked at her pics again I saw that she stated in the pics that they were really pics of her which you wouldn't do if you weren't selling your looks. I still wasn't sure if I would get what I was looking for from this gorgeous redhead, but decided to just wait and see what would happen. I made sure that I was in my room with time to get cleaned up after work and waited to see if she would show.

I had almost given up hope as it was 15 minutes after the appointment time. I figured that I had gotten blown off when I heard a knock on the door. She was every bit as gorgeous in person as in her pictures, wearing a tight fitting top that accentuated her breasts and sweat pants that clung to her tight ass. I was in instant lust. She was very professional while laying out her equipment and I behaved myself since I didn't want to offend. We made small talk and I told her that was just looking for stress relief when she wanted to know what kind of massage I wanted. The first positive sign was when she gave me the option of just being nude instead of wearing underwear. Not being a total fool I quickly stripped, getting a semi hard-on as I did and laid on the massage table. She didn't cover me up and proceeded to start the massage.

She began with my shoulders and seemed to be doing a pretty normal massage, working her way down to my legs and massaging up and down between them. I parted my legs to give her access to my balls. She got right up to my balls but didn't touch them. I was a bit disappointed but started to feel better when she rested my feet on her legs and massaged them. I tried to rub my feet on her legs as best as I could. Then she started to flutter her fingers up and down my legs and all over my body which really started to get me going. This got my hopes up and my cock started to harden but then she stopped and started to work on my arms. Finally, she told me to roll over, which I had been anticipating for awhile. Just the thought of being naked in front of such a hot girl made my cock start to stiffen as I rolled over.

By the time she touched me I had a full raging hard-on for her. I was watching for her reaction but she was totally cool, however, I could see her staring at my hard cock. She didn't spend that much time massaging my upper body before moving to my legs. But still no contact with my cock, which started to wilt in disappointment. Then she started to flutter her fingers up my legs and inner thigh and groin area, and BOING, I was at full attention again. Her hands started to brush against my balls and cock and, if it were possible, my cock got harder with her teasing. After teasing my cock with some light touches, she finally got her hands all lubed up and began to work on my cock and balls in full earnest. It felt so fucking good.

I reached up with my right hand and started to play with her ass as she jerked me off. She didn't pull away so I put my hand under her top to feel her bare skin, which was soft and smooth. I reached up to her tits, slipped my hand under her bra, and started to massage the one closet to me. She stopped working my cock long enough to pull up her top and bra, exposing her luscious tits to me. They were the most perfect tits that I had ever seen, not too small and not too large, probably a size D, with nipples that didn't have the wear and tear from having kids suck milk from them. I forced myself up and grasped her tits and started to suck on them. They were amazing. She was now working my cock even faster as I sucked her tits. I finally laid back down to try to see if I could get some pussy action and started to pull her pants down.

She quickly gave me a hand, pulling down her thong also. She was totally clean shaven, just how I like my pussy. I tried to get to her pussy from in front but that didn't work so well with me lying down and her so close to me, so I curled my hand around and got to her wet pussy from behind and started to finger her as she was pumping away at my cock. Her pussy was plump, soft and oh so tight. I alternated between rubbing her pussy lips and finger fucking her. By now she had been stroking my rock hard cock for awhile, and as much as I wanted to make this last and not cum for awhile longer, the excitement from the anticipation, what she was doing to me and what I was doing to her, got the better of me and I started to cum all over myself and her hands, shooting rope after rope of white, hot, cum while trying to totally live in the moment for as long as I could.

This was the hardest that I had cum in awhile. And she didn't stop as soon as I came but showed her expertise by continuing to work my cock long after I had cum, to keep me on a pleasure high. I was still in disbelief after she left that I got a happy ending massage from such a hot chick while finger-fucking her. I will definitely be making arrangements with her on my next trip and hopefully as we get to know each other better, the happier the endings will becum.



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