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Hanging Out With My Niece Susan

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My niece Susan texted me asking 'what's up'. I texted her back that I was at my niece Lynn's house. She texted back saying she wasn't doing anything and was alone in her house. I texted her saying I was on my way.

During the fifteen minute drive I thought of her body, her beautiful legs and butt. How just last week she allowed me to feel up her legs to her panties. At that time with a raging hard cock I got on my knees and started kissing her left knee and went up her thigh kissing and feeling her smooth warm leg with my face until she told me to stop with a smile.

Many years ago by an intentional accident I pulled my cock out as I sat at Susan's kitchen table facing her as she was preparing dinner. She had on a short skirt and as she knelt to reach pans or to clean a spill I became excited looking at her legs. Once she took a quick glance under the table I knew what I had to do. I let him hang out a few inches at first. Susan took another glance under the table again and that time I knew she looked right at him. When she turned away I pulled my cuff all the way up tucking it in and letting him hang all the way out. The next time Susan looked she took a few seconds looking at him and raised her eyes at me and smiled for a few seconds. The rest of that evening I found hallways, cracked doors and windows to show Susan my cock. She enjoyed it everytime I stood somewhere in front of her so that only she could see me.

Later that night when she washed dishes I went outside and stood a little to the side of the kitchen sink window, dropping my shorts to my knees stroking my cock. I could see Susan was excited watching me. For the next fifteen minutes she watched me stroke him, smiling at me at times, and that was a big turn-on for me.

And so, for many years I've been showing my cock at Susan whenever I could. Susan lets me and enjoys it. Sometimes my timing would be bad or a wrong location and she'd get mad at me that day, but the next time we'd be back at it. Sometimes she'd let me massage her feet and at times lets me kiss them. She'd lets me kiss her arms and hands and the back of her neck. One time as I kissed the back of her neck I rubbed my cock on her butt a few times back and forth, that was great.

Before she would always get mad at me when I felt her butt, turning on me, telling me to get away or leave. One time as I kissed down her back and knelt with my arms around her waist I kissed her butt, over her clothes. She turned around putting my lips on her pussy telling me to stop and not to do anything else that day saying 'you better not show me your cock either, uncle'. Anyway I could show her my cock, and stroking it as I did, were great times for me throughout the years.

Back to my story heading over to Susan's house. When I got there and knocked on the door she said to come in. Walking up to her my cock was getting hard seeing that see was wearing a semi-short loose skirt. I gave her a kiss, half on her lips and cheek. I pulled her in close and kissed the lobe of her ear and down her neck a little. She said she was glad I came over.

We sat on the couch a little close together and started talking about what not and stuff. Susan glanced a few times and noticed that my cock was hard. I'm still a litte leary and careful as I put my hand on her right knee. We were looking into each others eyes and I felt the timing wasn't right just her cell rang. She smiled and grabbed it to talk. As she talked I was feeling her knee going up her leg an inch or two. Susan smiled as she parted her legs slightly and moved her knee towards me and went back to her call. I couldn't help myself when I leaned over and started kissing her leg. My right hand went over to her left leg as I went to my knees. Both hands went on her thighs and my kisses up her legs. I put her left leg over my shoulder kissing down to her panty line. Susan pushed me away gently, smiling at me. She must have been getting turned on.

I stayed kneeling in front of her leaning back. She looked down at my cock, smiled for a second and looked up into my eyes before going back to her call.

I pulled my shorts down and my cock out for her. Susan stared at him as I began stroking him. I pulled my shorts down and under my knees. Being naked from my waist down in front of my niece jacking off was awesome. For the next five minutes I enjoyed myself as she did.

I pulled a small camera out, and with sign language I asked her if I could take pictures of her looking at my cock, she gave me the ok signal. I took around twenty pictures of her looking at my cock. I then put the camera in movie mode putting it on the coffee table filming me stroking for her. Susan then pulled her skirt up laying it on her stomach and pushed her legs towards me. I moved in closer feeling her legs with my free hand. It was such a turn-on knowing I was filming us so that I could enjoy it anytime on my pc as I'm jacking off thinking of her.

As I was stroking my cock I realized she was talking to her mother. Susan looked at my face and had the same thought and pointed at me and then the cell smiling making the stroking motion of me in front of her and her eyes on my cock. We smiled at that together. I crossed her ankles and came in close and started rubbing my cock up and down where her legs came together. She was liking that.

Susan then started talking about how excited she was when I first showed her my cock and about some of the many times since.

I leaned over and grabbed the camera and switched to pics and took some pictures of my cock on her legs and then stood up leaning my mid section towards her and took pics of my cock in the pics of her in the frame. I then started telling her about me waking up every morning of everyday for the last twenty years thinking of her jacking off under the blankets fantasizing about this day. Thinking about all the times I exposed myself to her.

Susan smiled and told me that it was ok to kiss her legs as she pulled her panties off. She told me not to kiss her pussy, she just wanted to tease me with it. Susan said she will let me kiss and lick her pussy someday. I kissed up to and around her pussy for quite awhile.

After that while I sat next to her stroking my cock with her leg over mine and my hand feeling it. I told her how great this day turned out to be.

Susan said, 'oh uncle, I'm having a good time with you. I like watching you sneeking around finding a way to show me your cock. Don't ever stop uncle'.

I told her I wouldn't and then told her how much I love showing her how happy she makes me and by happy I meant how hard she makes my cock.

She told me she was going to her mom's house tomorrow to work on her overgrown backyard and that I should come over and help if you know what I mean.

Susan then grabbed my cock and started giving me a handjob. I felt up for her pussy and Susan said 'don't uncle, not till I tell you that you can', with a smile. So I enjoyed her feeling my cock for the first time. I told her I was coming and grabbed a towel from the basket to her left of the couch and put it under my cock and lifted it in front of him and I came shooting my load on it and she loved it.

'I'll be seeing you doing that a lot uncle', she said.

After she cleaned me she kissed me on my lips and said that her mom was cooking a big dinner tonight and that we should head that way in half an hour.

Susan stood up and asked me if I wanted to kiss her butt and legs for a while, dropping her skirt, I didn't hesitate....



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