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Hanging Loose Beats Tight Shorts

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This is not about masturbation nor technique, but about experiences, so am posting this composition as a story.


Having worn shorts from childhood on, it is a subconscious habit pull off a pair that has been worn all day and night and pull another pair on to start the new day. The discomfort men experience all day long and all evening long by having our manhood cramped into a pair of tight shorts all the time not only causes subtle irritability but also severely inhibits sperm production because the scrotum adjusts up and down naturally as the temperature varies to keep the testicles at optimum temperature. In other words, modern society has not only caused discomfort but also created near sterility by inhibiting the natural swing of a man's family jewels.
We had probably been married 20 years before I started leaving off all my clothing for sleeping at night. At first, I was embarrassed and just started by not putting on shorts after a bath or shower and maintained my modesty by wearing a long T-shirt for sleeping. The sensations were unbelievable at first and I loved the feelings! I've learned to enjoy my freedom so much that I wouldn't consider wearing shorts to bed anymore because not only can I roll over and let my shaft stroke against my wife's bare legs which is thrilling, I can also fondle my private property anytime I awaken in the middle of the night! See Nighttime Erections posted March 10.
Having not worn shorts to bed for about 20 years, I'm also experimenting with not wearing shorts throughout the day on days I'm home alone. The freedom is indescribable in that my shaft has more awareness of its freedom of movement and my scrotum can adjust up or down according to the temperature needed to maintain proper temperature for survival of the sperm. Not being a medical expert, I've said about all I know about sperm production and sperm survival. Suffice it to say that many cases of testicular cancer amongst young men are undoubtedly caused not only by failure to empty the balls occasionally as well as keeping them locked up too tightly all the time in tight shorts. In other words, conservative parents who disdain self-pleasuring causes build-up of the dead sperm that wearing tight shorts caused. What can a person expect but testicular cancer! . So, men and young men and boys, for the sake of your health, leave off your shorts as much as you possibly can.
Furthermore, with the skin of a male's scrotum being the most porous on a person's body, so much chlorine from city water in bath water, swimming pools, and hot tubs is absorbed into the genitals and into the body, that life in our contemporary society subtly causes illness without our even considering the possibility. The medical profession is slow to admit that chlorine and chloramines (chlorine with ammonia added!) actually breaks down our bodies immune system over a period of time.
As to the freedom of movement, I can speak to that. Some days I prefer simply to hang my love wand and family jewels out through the opening in my shorts, enjoying the tension caused by my entire manhood being surrounded by tight opening. Other days I prefer the freedom of not wearing shorts when working outside. And more recently, I've gone to wearing no clothing at all when home alone and bustling around in the house. The lack of confinement is probably somewhat akin to a man getting out of prison because one's manhood is imprisoned by clothing in most of our society.
Although I was reared in a strict, conservative home, I've always been fascinated when hearing about nudist camps and more recently when hearing about clothing optional beaches! Perchance my spouse stops breathing before I do, there is no telling how long a vacation I might take traveling from one nudist camp to another and from one clothing optional beach to another to experience the joy of nudity with others without fear of legal implications. At least I can talk about it now that I've found Solo and enjoy the freedom of sharing experiences with others who also enjoy lots of pleasure!
Back to freedom of movement, for years when I felt the need to release some built-up tension in my lower body, I would simply take a break from work, pull out my shaft, work it up to a frenzy and an explosion, and then lock it up again. In the past decade or so, I've enjoyed letting it all hang out while working at the computer so as to be more aware of my manhood. When it chose to swell occasionally (Contrary to popular thought among women, a male's love wand does have a mind of its own and can cause embarrassment when we least expect it to happen!), I would stroke it approvingly and affectionately and fondle it lovingly to let it know I appreciate all the thrills it has given me in the past 50 + years since being taught what thrills it can give me. At other times, when re-reading compositions, I can stroke it lightly with a feather touch to arouse it and let the feeling of the fullness of another erection please me gently.
In summary, what I've learned over the past years is to enjoy freedom whether a simple escape from confinement by being allowed to hang out and look around, to a more general freedom hanging loose within my pants, to total freedom allowing it all to swing naturally without any restrictions from clothing at night as well as during the daytime. Don't misunderstand. Partial freedom, limited freedom, and total freedom do not mean that a state of semi-arousal is a perpetual experience for me when I'm deeply involved in some project. It simply means that whenever I wish to touch and play with my manhood to experience more sensations, I don't have to bother to uncurl it from an unnatural confinement which is neither healthy nor comfortable.
On the subject of nudity, several years ago during a crafts class that I was in, one of the females just out of the clear suddenly announced that 'Probably more people run around their house nude than we imagine.' Sad so say, none of the other women picked up on the topic. Being the only male, I didn't think I dared lest they be intimidated. I would have really like to have heard much more. We were standing my tall table to work on our project and my erection was hidden, so I wouldn't have minded if the topic had really turned steamy. There were a total of 6 other female students plus the female instructor. Except for the fact that there was a large window to the street,we could have all had fun if only someone had chosen to follow up on the topic of nudity! Oh, I guess we could have stepped into another room to play together.
Men, young men, and boys, let it all hang out as much as is acceptable for the setting you're in at any given time, especially while driving long distances when everything is really cramped for long periods of time. Although I have creamed into my hand while driving at night and the rest of the family was sleeping, I have not had the nerve to pull it out all the way while driving in broad daylight. Not only will you experience more sensations from freedom of movement and the ability to fondle your favorite toys (balls and bat) whenever you choose to do so, the bulge in your pants can give women and young women something exciting to look at! Seeing your bulge might possibly trigger a surprised response from them which could lead to some interesting discussion and possibly some mutual thrills! With May 7 having been international self-pleasuring day and the 4th of July ahead of celebrating independence, let your manhood celebrate freedom every night and every day and enjoy fullness and pleasure whenever you can!



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