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Hanging at the Cottage

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This a story I thought Greg, Eric and Tom might enjoy! If you have any others like it, share!


I was reading with interest about guys who experienced MM with their Brothers/Dads and I thought I'd share my experiences when I was an older teen.

When I was in my teens I masturbated a lot, from the time I was thirteen on. I'd had the sex talk when I was younger with my Dad, and my older brother had filled me in on a few more details, so I was never in the dark as to what my body was going through during those years. Dad explained what masturbation was, and that it was perfectly normal, and that everybody did it, and not to worry about it when I did it. I knew my brother Chris jacked off a lot, as his door was always locked, and if I snuck up outside his room I could sometimes hear the bed springs squeaking. I always wanted to catch him, as I was curious as to what his cock looked like. I'd seen him in a bathing suit, but I hadn't seen him naked since we were little kids. Anyway, I was pretty tall for my age, skinny, and I had about a six inch cock, pretty average (it's about seven now) and had a nice dark bush, which always turned me on, and my ass was slightly hairy which turned me on even more. I had a tiny bit of chest hair, and I jacked off a lot, and I was curious about my brother's cock as well, since he was blond, I wondered what his bush was like.

My family had a cottage that we went up to since I was very small. Dad worked on it every year and by the time I was in my teens, it was an amazing summer vacation cottage. It even had a sauna inside, on the side of the bathroom. Every year my Dad and brother and I would head up to our cottage to open up the cottage and then my Mom would join us later in the week. One year, it was my second or last year of highschool (I can't remember which now) the three of us went up and got the place set up. It usually meant a lot of cleaning and getting the boat in the water and all sorts of stuff. One night after a long day (Dad always had lists of stuff that needed doing) I had fallen asleep on the couch after supper, and I woke up and it was about eleven o'clock. I got up and looked around and couldn't find my brother or my Dad. I figured they were outside on the deck, so I didn't think too much of it. I took a look outside but didn't see them, so, needing to take a leak, I went to the washroom. When I finished, I looked over and noticed the light in the sauna was on through the window. I went over and I couldn't really see in, as it was pretty steamed up, so I figured Dad and Chris (or one of them) were in there. We all hung out in the sauna all the time. My Mom practically lived in it when she was up there.

I opened the door and asked if they were in there, and my brother shouted 'Don't let all the steam out!' I then heard my Dad laugh, and say, 'Either come in or stay out.' So, I shucked off my clothes and went in. I didn't have a towel, and I hesitated a bit, but I figured the steam was so thick, it wouldn't matter. Truth was, I was too tired and lazy to go look for one. I sat down on the bench and I could barely make out my Dad's figure and my brother's beside me. I DID notice however, that they didn't have any towels on. Nobody was saying anything, but I did hear a familiar slick sound that was instantly recognizable to me as the sound of a cock being severely pounded. My Dad and my brother were jacking off together! My cock got rock hard right away and I started touching my cock.

My Dad said finally, 'Well Matt, I guess you know what we're doing. Are you alright with this?'

I mumbled something about being fine, and asked how long they had done it together.

'A couple of years.' Chris replied, 'Dad caught me and we just hung out and did it, and it was fun, so we do it together sometimes.'

'We wanted to wait until you were older, Matt.' my Dad said, 'I thought you were just too young. But now it looks like you're more than old enough.'

I realized by this point that the steam had pretty much faded away, and I could see my brother and Dad and their hard cocks very clearly.

My Dad was blond, like my brother, over six feet tall, a big, muscular, broad shouldered guy in his mid forties, and had a hairy blond chest, and a big bush of dark blond/reddish hair. His cut cock was huge, it seemed to me at the time, although it was probably a little over seven inches. My brother was also about six feet, and smooth except for his lower half which was hairy, covered with blond fur. Like my Dad, he was big boned as well. I was the skinny shrimp.

'Now Matt,' my Dad said, 'If at any time you feel uncomfortable with this, you can just get up and leave. There's no pressure. It's just, I like to masturbate a lot, and so does your brother, and we just like watching each other cum.' I couldn't believe it was my Dad who was saying these things, I was so turned on, I thought I was going to cum right there.

'What do you guys do?' I asked, hardly raising my voice.

'Well, we jerk off together, and we jerk each other off.' my Dad said, 'And Matt, I know we don't allow you boys to swear, but here you can say anything you like. When a man's excited, well, he tends to talk dirty. So don't worry about it if you do. So. Do you want to join in?'

'Oh yeah!' I said, I was so excited, I could barely contain myself. So I got up and sat between them and started stroking my aching meat. They seemed fascinated by my dark brown bush.

'You got a big cock Matt,' my brother murmured. 'Big bush too.'

'That's a nice piece of meat son.' my Dad said approvingly.

I reached over and paused in front of my Dad's cock, and he nodded, and said, 'It's alright Matt, go ahead.' So I grabbed it and started stroking it and he groaned quite loudly. This turned me on even further, and my brother grabbed my cock, while I started stroking him with the other hand.

Well, we sat there and stroked our cocks, and each others for a long time, and my Dad reached down under my balls and started massaging my perineum. I didn't know what it was at the time of course, except that it felt really good. We were all grunting and groaning and stroking and finally I said I was going to cum, and my Dad said 'Wait guys.' So we stopped and he said, 'I'm going to blow too, but I want my boys to shoot all over me and we'll cum at the same time.'

I was about out of my mind by this point, I was frantically beating my cock so hard. But I stopped, and I stood in front of my Dad on one side, and my brother stood on the other side of him, and while he was sitting in front of us on the bench, we stroked ourselves with one hand, and we reached down and stroked him with our other free hand. He had reached around and grabbed our asses with each of his powerful hands and I could feel him grabbing one of my cheeks, and running his fingertips down my hairy crack. This put me over the edge and I started to yell, 'Dad I'm gonna cum!' At this, he growled, 'That's it son, shoot it! Cover your Dad in your cum!' I shot my load so hard I almost passed out. His hand was still on my ass and he steadied me. I assumed he was doing the same to my brother, because Dad started talking really dirty then, babbling almost, about his boys' hairy asses and how our big hairy cocks turned him on, and it was then that he started to shout, 'Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming!' As soon as he did that, my brother yelled 'Fuuuuck!' and shot his load all over him. And then Dad yelled again, and shot this massive load, it must have been about four or five ropes of thick sticky cum all over his hairy bush and chest.

He then pulled us onto him, and we leaned against him, and rubbed against him, all sweaty, and hairy, covered in hot cum. We could smell it and that made it even hotter. Three hot, hairy men covered in cum. I'm rock hard just thinking about it now.

After that, we did it quite frequently when we were alone, either the three of us, or two of us together. It was a great bonding experience, and to this day, I love to masturbate with other men.



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