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Handyman Payment

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This is the second part to handyman surpise.


Since my first story I have been talking with my friend on the phone. She told me that what had happened was the first time she had done anything like that. I told her it was a first for me also but it was a really big turn on for me. I also told her that I love to watch women masturbate and that I have never seen a woman cum like the way she did and that I would love to watch her do that again very close up. I also told her that I would love to slide my fingers in her wet pussy and maybe squeeze her huge melons. She told me she has the same fetish about men and wanted to watch me shoot my hot load on her chest and that she wanted to stroke my hard cock and fondle my balls. We both agreed if we did end up going this far that it wouldn't go any futher because we are both married. We both felt the same way in that there was no harm in watching and that maybe some 'heavy petting' would be fun.

So on with the second time .I arrived at her house I was to install her toilet in her master bath. When I arrived I was dressed in the same manner as before. She had on some tight shorts that really showed off her sexy ass and a shirt that was kind of short around her stomach which I could not help but notice her large breast almost coming out from under it.

I made my way to the master to do my work. After a while she called me to the living room. She was going to install a light and wanted me to hold the step for her. It was an average height ceiling, so when she stood on the step it put her pussy right in front on my face just inches away. I was already excited in the anticipation of seeing her naked again. I really wanted to rip her shorts off slide my finger deep in her shaved pussy. But back to reality. As I looked up her arms were above her head as she work which pulled her shirt up exposing her big breasts. She looked down and smiled and kept on working knowing she was making my cock hard. As she worked I kept hearing a buzzing sound but I could not figure out what it was. Maybe a minute had passed when her legs got wobbly and she grabbed my shoulders to steady herself. She looked at me smiling and said whoa that was a rush. I noticed her face was flush when she stood back up and that there was a slight wet spot on her shorts. That's when I realized what the buzzing was and that she had just had and orgasm.

I told her that she should show me what she had up her juicy pussy. She said I thought you would never ask. She jumped down gave me a big wet kiss and the stripped. Before she could tell me to take it off I already was stripping and sliding my hand up and down my hard shaft. She told me she was still unsure of touching each other I told her that it was fine as long as I got to see her cum closer than the last time. She said 'with pleasure' as she pulled a small vibrator from her pussy. As she did, a flood of her juices ran out past her swollen lips and down to her ass. This made me stroke my cock even faster. She told me to slow down and that she wanted to cum at the same time. I said I would try but seeing her laying there made it really hard. She said seeing my stroke my cock this close to her was getting her hotter and wetter than she has been for a long time. All the while she was pressing her vibrator against her clit and sliding her finger in her pussy .I was getting close to cumming, stroking my cock faster as more precum was flowing from the tip. She worked her pussy harder and faster then she slipped a finger in her ass. This put me over the edge. I shot my huge load some of which hit her stomach. When I did she screamed 'oh shit yeah fuck yes' and she came so hard she squirted all the way to my legs. Her legs were shaking and she said she has never came so hard. As she was saying this I reached down and rubbed her juice from my leg and licked it off my fingers. When she saw me do this she started moaning as I looked down at her pussy she had another orgasm but only squirted a little. I told her I really wanted to slide my finger deep inside her and that I would love to make her do that. She said maybe next time.

So maybe there will be more to write later. I can only hope.



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