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Handy Man 2

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Many months went by before another interesting encounter came my way.

Mrs P. is a widow, late sixties, a large lady (fat) that has arthritis and is mostly housebound.

She called me to do several jobs for her.

Over the weeks that followed, while I was in class she would leave messages on my answering machine to pick up items from various stores and bring them round to her house, where she paid me for goods and time, this happened two or three times a week.

On one occasion the last item to pick up was a massager.

Not knowing exactly what she required I called and ask.

What kind or massager were you looking for,

You know, she said, one that the ladies use down there.

Oh! was all I good say at the time, and I went to get what she wanted.

I picked up all the items she had asked for, plus the massager, and brought them to the house where she paid me for the goods and my time.

When I was about to leave she said, I want to show you something.

On her table was a photo album, she opened it to the first page and pointed to a photo of a young man and woman.

That's me just after we were married, she started to reminisce, you can't believe a girl that slim could get this big.

You know, I knew absolutely nothing about sex back them, except boys were different to girls, but when my husband started to finger me, I knew I liked what was happening a lot, and I soon learned my fingers worked just as well as his. I think after that first time, we had sex almost every day until he died eight years ago.

My fingers have kept me cumming ever since, but my arthritis has got worse, so I'm hoping the massager will keep me happy.

In a jovial way she asked, have you ever felt a fat woman.


Would you like to?

Yes O.K. it might be fun.

She walked towards the bedroom, I'm not going to take off my clothes, you can put your hand under my dress, I don't wear underwear when I'm in the house alone.

She laid down on the bed, taking up most of it, closed her eyes, and placed both hands on her ample breasts, I sat on a chair beside.

My hand went under her dress and I explored her large thighs, her belly and her bottom, she parted her legs and I placed my hand on her pussies large fleshy lips.

I parted the lips at her bottom and plunged my hand inside working up to her vagina, I was surprised how small her hole was, just enough room for two fingers, which I pushed in as far as I could.

Her reaction was to push back onto my fingers.

We continued this for sometime, and then I pulled out to explore further.

My fingers moved up just a short way and passed over a small hard lump, her clit was the size of a pea and I started a circling motion around it, this resulted in a steady thrusting upwards causing the bed to creak.

Suddenly she cried out, rub it, rub it, and I speeded up, rubbing the left side of her clitoris, her whole body was moving so much I thought the bed would collapse under the weight., don't stop she cried when my hand got tired and I slowed down a bit. Then her thighs squeezed together forcing my hand from her warm cavity, and she continued to squeeze all the feeling from her pleasure spot.

I thought it only right to do my bit, so I stood up, unzipped my pants, leaned over and with a few short rubs spurted my cum onto her belly, she lowered her hand and rubbed my cum between her legs. I pulled her dress down as best I could.

Mrs P was exhausted and said, I'm going to take a nap now, please make sure the door is locked when you leave.

Three days later she left a message for me to pick up some more goods for her and we were back to the old routine, no mention was ever made about that day or whether the massager was doing its job.



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