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Handsfree Joyride

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About twelve of us were returning from a week long backpacking trip in a crowded school van, it was hot weather and everyone was wearing shorts. I was sitting opposite this really cute guy I'd met on the trip, he was dozing on the way back. With all the exercise, muscles were firm and toned, and I was checking out his legs, which were almost entwined with mine due to the small space we were confined in. I could see right up one leg of his shorts, they were fairly loose whereas mine were not. While he was asleep, and most of the group was as well, I was not. As I watched in fascination, his underwear began to slowly bulge-he was getting hard in his sleep.

My eyes went from legs to crotch to legs again. I found myself tensing and relaxing my legs a bit to compare muscle tone with what they'd been before the trip, my legs are pretty solid if I do say so myself, and though they look slender, when tensed they bulge seriously.......... and staring at him getting very slowly harder and bigger in his sleep....

...and as if it had a life of it's own, my big clit swelled in response.... almost to the point of hurting... and I looked down to see a little bump appear in front of my own tight shorts..... and like a flash my thighs tensed like two rocks and I had a blinding orgasm on the spot! I managed to choke back any sounds but I lost control of my bladder for a moment, and for about 30 seconds I was on another planet!

Relaxed my legs a bit and looked down and saw the marble sized bump in the front of my shorts so obvious had anyone been looking and undernesth it was a wet patch with a size of a childs hand.

It felt electric down there and the sight made me flex my legs in delight, and then it happened a SECOND TIME!!

So here I am, hot and sweaty, with aching thighs and a visible clit bump and a big moist area below it and feeling like I'm about to do it a third time-so I did what made sense at the time and covered myself with a spare shirt I had-glanced around at the crowd asleep and realized I'd really flown solo-nobody had noticed-then I looked up in time to see the guy across from me who by now had a good sized tent pole in his shorts..... and it was actually throbbing in his sleep.... and my thighs spasmed again so hard I could see the veins, and I came a third time!!!!

This time I could neither hold back my voice nor my water. I let out a moan and felt my pee just flow into my shorts and soaking the seat, as my orgasm hit me.

One of the girls opened her eyes and asked me If I was ok, or if I only did have a wet dream. She will never know how close to the truth she was.

I didn't move my shirt for a couple of hours, both because I had a wet spot to dry and also because that little bump didn't even begin to go down for a good hour afterward. For that matter my nipples were crinkled up enough to ache the whole time, too.

When we stopped to take a potty break I changed into somewhat baggier shorts, helped to cover the fact that every time I thought about it my clit poked its head out again-and I was thinking about it plenty by then, believe me.



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