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Hands-off With the Hitachi Magic Wand

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I use electrically operated vibrators for either warm-up or the Full Monty in my masturbation sessions because they generate powerful and consistent vibrations. My favorite is the Hitachi Magic Wand, which is available from nearly every adult 'toy' store.
The 'Wand' has a golf ball sized head, made of spongy material, with two vibratory speeds. The low setting gives a pleasant buzz and generally serves to warm things up. But the high setting is where the action is. Holding the Wand up against the underside of my erect cock head is guaranteed to produce a very intense orgasm.
There is an exclusively-for-men attachment for the Wand called the 'cum cup' (which can be purchased at the same stores selling the Wand). The cum cup is a soft rubber cup, shaped like a tulip, and just large enough for the head of an erect cock to fit into. The other end of this little ingenious device fits onto the Wand's vibrating head. The Wand's vibrations are transferred to the cum cup, so it vibrates with the same speed and intensity as the host Wand, and gives your entire cock head the most delightful sensations. I guide the end of my erect prick into the cum cup, turn on the Wand to the high setting, and enjoy a mind boggling event.
The intensity of feeling caused by the vibrations on my erect and sensitive cock's head is amazing. Orgasms are strong and different from a hand job. I sometimes let the cum cup do its magic and take me all the way to orgasm, and other times I remove my cock as I'm about to cum and finish with my hand. Quite the intense experiences!
I use the cum cup in two different ways to do 'hands-off' masturbation. One way is to hold the Wand, with my erect prick head inserted, and let it do its thing. I can vary the position of my cock by varying the position of the Wand. Sometimes I'll hold my cock straight up, sometimes facing out, and sometimes bent down or off to the side. I like to watch my cock throb and pump while I cum as the Wand does its magic without my touching my cock in any way.
The other hands-off way is to lie on my back, with my erect cock resting against my belly, and with its head inserted into the cum cup. The Wand is also resting on my belly and chest. I use a switch to turn the vibrator on and off remotely. This switch (purchased in any hardware store) is plugged into a wall outlet and the Wand's cord is plugged into its other end. The Wand is put into the high vibration setting but won't operate unless the switch, which is in my hand, is flipped to the on position. This way, I can turn the vibrations on and off without touching either the vibrator or my cock. I control these on / off sensations such that I bring myself nearly to orgasm, stop and relax for a moment, and then repeat this sequence over and over while I tease myself mercilessly. When I finally can't stand it anymore, I leave the vibrator on and lie back and experience a very intense and satisfying orgasm. Truly hands-off masturbation.
The Hitachi Magic Wand, with the cum cup attachment, comes very close to recreating a blow job. Nothing beats the erotic pleasure of a soft, sensuous mouth on my cock, but this isn't a bad substitute.



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