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Hands Free in the Bathroom

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This took place the other night and I thought it to be a good one to share. I love to have orgasms but having a hands free orgasm is something truely different and possibly better. By hands free I mean having an orgasm without ever laying a finger on yourself. I have been able to do this without anything touching my penis at all a few times, but this I discovered is easier and will probably work for anyone if you're interested in trying it.

It feels amazing. It happened by accident actually. I had just gotten out of the shower and was looking at myself in the mirror. I'm not sure if it's normal but I love to watch myself get hard in the mirror. I stood there in front of the sink and eyed my soft dick. In a few seconds I saw it start to grow and this turns me on. From there it only escalates until my dick is rock hard and throbbing straight upwards. I love just watching it bounce as throbs suspended in the air.

I leaned in a little and noticed the sink counter was just high enough that when I stood close the bottom of my hard dick would just barely come into contact with it. It was throbbing so it would sort of bounce off the counter if you will but just barely grazing it. It felt kinda good and I just stood there awhile watching in the mirror. Eyeing every throb as my dick seemed to get harder by the second. Whenever you keep an erection going for extended lengths your penis becomes more and more sensitive, this is one key to having a hands free orgasm. The more sensitive it becomes, the more little touches have an affect, and I was certainly starting to feel it after hitting the counter top for 10 minutes.

I was so horny, precum was now leaking from my tip, a little drop which turned to a line and eventually a small puddle on the counter. It was feeling so good and that's when it hit me that I could probably make myself cum if I just let it keep throbbing. A few minutes passed and my head looked almost purple. I was soo hard. I started swinging my hips slightly, making my head now rest on the counter and rub back and forth against the slippery wet puddle of precum I had made. This felt really good and gave a little more friction, I knew this would send me over.

I kept going, rubbing against the counter softly, I wanted to bad to grab it in my hand and jerk it, but I didn't lay a finger on it. I knew it would be worth it. Sure enough I felt it coming. The feeling starts like a twitching, and builds like a normal orgasm, only it gets to a point and stops. The pleasure stops inside you and slowly builds to a peak. It's what makes slow masturbation so worth it, it lasts a lot longer and feels better because the orgasm builds slower, but feels more intense. I kept going rubbing against the counter slow, it was hard to keep quiet as I felt my orgasm coming. I could feel semen slowly filling up inside me, like a faucet just barely cracked open. I let it go and slowly let out 5 or 6 squirts of hot thick semen all over the sink. Afterwards you feel pretty worn out but it's always worth it if you have the time.



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