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Hands Free Cum

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This is sort of a confession. I feel really guilty about it.


I've been reading this site for a few months now, I haven't done anything with a girl before but I masturbate a lot and the stories on here that talk about the smell of a girl's dirty panties really interest me. When I read them I really wish I could try it for myself but have never had the chance, I live with my mom and 14 year old sister but never wanted to try it with their panties because I thought that's weird and gross.

Anyway a few days ago I was on here masturbating and looking through the old stories and reading the ones about panties. This probably sounds weird but one of the stories was describing the stains he found in some dirty panties and I really wanted to see them, so I did an image search and found a few pictures of some panties with messy stains in the crotch. This was making me really horny and I was desperate to know what they smelt like. I was home alone and I was so horny I wasn't thinking straight, so I went into my sister's room to look for panties. I'm not attracted to my sister in any way, but I can see that she is a very good looking girl, and my friends often make comments about how attractive she is. I justified it to myself that I would just have a quick sniff to satisfy my curiosity, and I would not masturbate while I did it.

My sister is a very tidy girl so it took me a while to find a small basket in the corner of her bedroom that had some worn clothes in it. I looked through them and found a couple of pairs of panties, one of which had a messy stain in the crotch like one of the pictures I had seen, so I took it back to my room. I sat for a while and kept changing my mind whether I should do it or not, desperate to know what this smell people keep writing about is like, but feeling really guilty about it being my own sister I would be smelling. I stared at the stain in her panties and I was so horny that I suddenly put it over my nose and sniffed. First thought, disgusting. The smell was stronger than I imagined it would be and it smelt like a mix of fish and pee. I was wishing I had never tried it, I felt so guilty and it wasn't even nice.

I was going to put her panties straight back, but my dick felt so hard, and I looked at the panties again, seeing the stain that had been created by a girl's wet pussy, and tried to forget that it was my sister's pussy and just imagined it was the pussy of some sexy girl I masturbated about all the time. For some reason I wanted to smell it again, even though it smelt nasty to me it was still the smell of pussy, and I was feeling horny just at the chance to smell it. So I put the panties over my nose again and had another sniff, but for some reason I wasn't grossed out by it this time, probably because I had forgotten it was my sister's smell. This time knowing this was real pussy I was smelling, I started to really like it, and although the smell was quite fishy, it was also very sexy in a way I can't describe. My dick was so hard and I sniffed really hard and the smell was too horny for me and I felt my underwear filling with hot cum. My first hands free orgasm felt amazing and my dick kept jerking and squirting out cum for longer than usual.

The orgasm had relieved my horniness and I started to think clearly again. Now I felt really guilty, the smell of my own sister's vagina had made me cum in my pants. Disgusted with myself, I put the panties back in her bedroom, and swore I would never do something that perverted again.

But I couldn't stop thinking about that smell and what it did to me, and I only lasted a day before I needed to try it again. Once I had made the decision to try it just one more time, I didn't hold back. I got two pairs of panties from her room and spent a few hours smelling, licking and rubbing the crotch all over my dick, cumming several times. Again I felt so guilty after I had finished, but it's now a few days later and I've done it a few more times, when I get horny I just can't help it, I'm so drawn to that amazing smell. I keep getting horny and wanting my sister to go out so I can get some of her dirty panties, I think I'm addicted to the smell of my own sister's pussy and I don't know what to do. I feel so sick and dirty but I keep doing it again, I can't even look my sister in the eye anymore.

Can anyone give me some advice?



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