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Well, first off I've been visiting this site for many years now but finally something happened worthy enough of being put on Solotouch. This is my first contribution, but I hope its as amazing to you as it was to me.

It was Halloween night and me and my friend were sleeping at her house. We had other plans with friends earlier, but it wound up with us alone. Me and her have played around a little before, but that night things changed quite a bit. It was the last night she would be home for ten days and I really wanted to leave her a parting gift.

The night started rather innocently. Me and her and her family were just talking and having fun. Then it came time for us to be quiet for her family had gone to bed. We were just laying there in the dark, flirting and just talking. Then my hand touched her leg and she gasped 'Oh my god your hands are cold!' I smiled and put my hand on her stomach and she gasped louder. I asked her 'Is that cold?' she said 'Yea, a little bit.' I got a little more daring and put my hand in her panties just above her love and she almost screamed. 'Cold?' I asked. She responded with a breath heavy 'Kind of.' I then lowered my hand and just lightly rubbed my middle finger over her clit. She just froze. I continued lower, but not entering her and noticed that she was absolutely soaked. 'Excited much?' I asked. 'Only ALOT!', she said. I inserted a middle finger all the way up to the last knuckle and I asked 'How about now?' She just laid there breathing heavily. I slowly worked the finger in and out and her breathing deepened. I then added my index finger and curled them in whilst inside her making her lightly moan and whisper my name. I continued this for a while feeling her clamp down on my fingers an endless amount of times. I then stopped and laid next to her. I asked her how she was. She simply said, 'five times.' I was surprised and asked her if she was ok with that or should I continue. She laughed and gave my that 'your joking right' look. I sat back up and thrust three fingers into her. She came very hard right then and there. I then began slowly thrusting and hooking my fingers in her, thank god for piano lessons, and she was bucking and shuddering whispering my name and moaning. After two minutes she again simply said 'twelve'. I quickened my pace and she went nuts. Bucking and breathing harder than ever. I then pressed my fingers in as far as I could and started rubbing her from the inside as fast as I could. After maybe three minutes, her sex clamped down extremely hard on my fingers and she bolted upright and said 'Twenty! Oh my god Nick I'm gonna pass out!'. I then released my fingers from her clutches and kissed her very passionately.

We then laid down and fell asleep. That was my first time ever fingering a girl and from what I understand, I am a natural. I can't wait until she comes back home.



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